GTA Online Los Santos Summer Special: 5 best cars

The Los Santos Summer Special has added a host of new cars to GTA Online (Image Credits: IcedBeatle, YouTube)
The Los Santos Summer Special has added a host of new cars to GTA Online (Image Credits: IcedBeatle, YouTube)

One of the central elements of the GTA Online experience, for the longest time, has been the cars. While there are numerous hi-tech weaponised vehicles capable of flight and raining down death and destruction from the skies, there is something very special about the plain old cars in the game.

GTA Online's Los Santos Summer Special update added all new vehicles to the game, from supercars and open-wheel racers to powerful four-wheel-drive SUVs. Here, we take a look at some of the best new cars added to GTA Online.

5 of the best new cars added to GTA Online

5) Lampadati Tigon


The Tigon was the first of the cars to be teased in the new Los Santos Summer Special update. It is a mighty impressive car that just screams of excess and luxury.

The Lampadati Tigon is one of the most visually impressive vehicles currently in GTA Online.

"Look at the Lampadati Tigon, count to three, and try not to adjust your pants. Ready? One. Two. Yep we called it. This car's sole purpose is to please the eye, thrill the heart and leave you sticky with delight."- Legendary Motorsports description

4) Imponte Beater Dukes


The Beater Dukes by Imponte is the newest of muscle cars added to GTA Online. The car is a supreme beast of acceleration, which comes at the cost of handling but fans of muscle cars already expect that.

The car is as blisteringly fast as it is pleasing to the eye. One of the best-looking muscle cars that is also priced quite moderately, the Beater Dukes is sure to become a fan-favourite among players.

3) Penumbra FF


The Penumbra FF might not be the fastest vehicle but it is certainly one with the most nostalgic value to the players.

The Penumbra can be modified to look like Brian's Eclipse from the Fast and Furious franchise. Fans of the movies will be surely copping a new Penumbra to add it to their collection of Fast and Furious-style vehicles alongside the Elegy Retro Custom.

2) Benefactor BR8


One of the newest open-wheel racers added to the game, the Benefactor BR8 is a speed demon of the highest order. Not only boasting of insane top speed and acceleration, the car is also quick around corners, which is expected of the Formula 1-inspired vehicle.

The BR8 has amazing handling and is comparable to the Ocelot R88 in terms of sheer acceleration. The BR8 is going to be one of the most popular cars in Open Wheel Races and maybe even on the streets of GTA Online.

1) Declasse DR1


Taking inspiration from IndyCar, the DR1 is built for one purpose and one purpose only: going as fast as humanly possible. The DR1 is an absolute beast with massive top speeds and ungodly amounts of acceleration.

The DR1 also looks quite impressive, as is expected of a car that costs as much as $2,997,000. However, this car is also capable of performing to the highest degree.

Open Wheel Races are certainly about to get a lot more interesting with the newest additions of cars in GTA Online.

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Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh
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