Are there references to GTA Vice City’s Love Fist in GTA Online’s The Contract DLC?

GTA's favorite rock band (Image via Twitter @AlexandraKozie)
GTA's favorite rock band (Image via Twitter @AlexandraKozie)
Chris Black

Some new GTA Online missions in The Contract DLC have Love Fist Easter eggs. Hopefully, most players know who Love Fist is. They were the most famous rock band from GTA Vice City, set in 1986.

Fans who have enjoyed the GTA franchise will undoubtedly be happy to see these band references in the new DLC.

Lamar makes first Love First reference in The Contract in GTA Online

In the opening scene, where users see Lamar at their agency, he is the first person in The Contract DLC to reference Love Fist.


After Lamar comes in to tell the players and Franklin about his new w**d business, he spots Imani, the agency hacker, and takes a liking to her. He then says:

"Hey, who's that bad a** Love Fist lookin' b**ch over there?"

He quickly changes what he says to try and sound more respectful, which is quite funny. The reference he makes must be based on Imani's rock-chick style. Her clothes, piercings, hair, and jewelry make her seem like a rock and roll Love Fist fan.

GTA Online is still keeping Love Fist's legend alive

The sign outside Tequi-la-la (Image via Sportskeeda)
The sign outside Tequi-la-la (Image via Sportskeeda)

When players log into their Agency computer, they have two contract mission options. VIP contract missions for Dr. Dre and the extra Security Contract missions. The latter helps the agency make more money and get more clients.

One such mission involves GTA Online players going to Tequi-la-la to retrieve a stolen diamond necklace from a biker gang. Some fans noticed that while killing their way through bikers and searching for the safe, the stage was set for a performance.

A day out in Tequi-La-La and not a better music flashback than Love Fist.

The backdrop on the stage bears a giant Love Fist logo. And upon further inspection of the building, users noticed a sign outside promoting the show.

Should players expect a Love Fist Cameo in GTA Online?

While working on the Nightlife Leak VIP contract, GTA Online gamers may have spotted the Love Fist Gold Record on the yacht. Sometimes, the Dr. Dre evidence can be found in a cabin underneath this Love Fist Easter egg in The Contract DLC.

Right next to the Dr. Dre evidence mid-mission (Image via Sportskeeda)
Right next to the Dr. Dre evidence mid-mission (Image via Sportskeeda)

Could the fact that players are seeing Love Fist memorabilia, along with hints that the band is in Los Santos, mean something? Some GTA Online fans even wonder if Love Fist could have a future VIP Contract at the agency.

It would not be the first time players have worked for them in the game.

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