GTA Online Shopping List: 5 things to buy right after the tutorial

Newer players can have a hard time finding their footing in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Newer players can have a hard time finding their footing in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan

Some players may think that they have a decent idea of what awaits them in GTA Online just because they've spent countless hours in the Story Mode of GTA 5. However, soon after the tutorial ends, they are often caught off-guard by just how much catching up there is to do.

Since GTA Online has been around for nearly 8 years, it is no wonder that veterans and long-time players have amassed large fortunes and arsenals. Newer players have a hard time finding their footing, especially with regards to things they need to own right away.

While there are obviously more than five things that players will need when starting on their journey in GTA Online, this list takes a look at some of the most essential ones.

5 things to buy in GTA Online right after the tutorial

#1 Special Carbine


Price: $14,750

Players will likely have some amount of cash in their Maze Bank Account in GTA Online after playing through some Contact Missions and other game modes.

The first weapon that players should get their hands on is the Special Carbine, which is easily one of the most useful weapons in the game.

The Special Carbine is a reliable weapon, with a decent rate of fire, damage, range and affordability. Costing about as much as a really nice jacket in GTA Online, the Special Carbine is an absolute steal and a must-have for every player in the game.

#2 Sticky Bombs


Price: $600

It is hard to brave the world of GTA Online without a couple of Sticky Bombs in the loadout. Sticky Bombs are essentially one-hit kill wonders that can easily destroy enemies on foot or in vehicles.

Unlike grenades, players don't have to worry too much about aim, placement, and arc. The Sticky Bomb attaches itself to anything it touches. Some armored vehicles might be more resistant to its explosion, but they eventually cave in.

Sticky Bombs are (excuse the pun) extremely useful in sticky situations, especially when trying to get out of trouble in a hurry.

#3 Snacks


Players will be surprised to learn that snacks come in handy during heated gunbattles in GTA Online.

In the heat of combat, players will need to munch down on snacks in order to replenish their health, so as to not lose mission progress by dying during heists or missions.

Snacks can be bought from convenience stores at varied prices, depending on their effects and potency. They can be consumed through the Interaction Menu under Inventory.

#4 Armored Kuruma


Price: $698,250/ $525,000 (After The Fleeca Job)

The Armored Kuruma is easily one of the best purchases one can make in GTA Online, but it doesn't come for cheap. However, it is ultimately one of the best investments players will make in the game.

The car will protect players from small arms gunfire and allow them to complete missions with ease. It also significantly reduces the chances of players being outgunned and overwhelmed by enemies in GTA Online's Freemode.

Needless to say, the Armored Kuruma will require some leg-work and grinding to purchase, but it is worth it.

#5 High-End Apartment


Price: Minimum -$200,000 to $400,000

A High-End Apartment should always be the end goal of the player's first few days in GTA Online. Not only are they incredibly luxurious apartments with garages, but they give players access to heists.

Players can start the original 5 heists only after having purchased the High-End Apartment in GTA Online. In comparison, these heists might not stack up to much, but repeating them is not only fun but also incredibly profitable.

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