How to unlock the discounted Armored Kuruma in GTA Online: A beginner's guide

The Armoured Kuruma is a dearly beloved car in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
The Armoured Kuruma is a dearly beloved car in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan

One of the best acquisitions in GTA Online is the Armored Kuruma. Not only will it protect players from gunfire, but it also makes Contact Missions and other Heists an absolute breeze as players can deal out damage while taking none.

The Armored Kuruma has been a dearly beloved car of GTA Online gamers, and much has been made about it on forums and subreddits. However, when they start their journey in the game, players will find the vehicle at quite an extraordinary price of $700,000 in the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website.

It doesn't take too much to unlock the Armored Kuruma's discounted price and get it for way cheaper than before. In order to do so, players need only play through the first few Heists of the game.

A beginner's guide to unlocking the discounted Armored Kuruma in GTA Online


Before the Cunning Stunts update in GTA Online, the Armored Kuruma was locked in the store and could only be purchased after playing through the Fleeca Job.

The Fleeca Job is one of the first few Heists players will take on during the game and can be done as a leader by purchasing a High-End Apartment. After buying one, players can enter the Planning Room and begin the setup for a Heist in GTA Online.

The Fleeca Job is the first Heist gamers will do and acts as a tutorial for Heists in GTA Online, and should be easy enough to complete. It requires them to use an Armored Kuruma, therefore, unlocking it in the process.

After the Cunning Stunts update, players can buy the car before even completing the Fleeca Job, albeit at a much steeper price tag.

Instead, after completing the Fleeca Job, they will be able to buy an Armored Kuruma for only $525,000 instead of the usual $698,250.

Note: This article is for beginners. While these steps may seem obvious to some, several new players often search for these "newbie" tips and tricks.

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