GTA San Andreas: Top 5 mods for the game in October 2020

GTA San Andreas presented one of the best virtual playgrounds in the history of gaming that was ripe for modding (Image Credits: GamingAbsolute, YouTube)
GTA San Andreas presented one of the best virtual playgrounds in the history of gaming that was ripe for modding (Image Credits: GamingAbsolute, YouTube)

The GTA franchise is home to some of the best mods in gaming history. The GTA modding community has been able to put out some truly game-changing mods over the years.

One of the favourite titles of the modding community has been GTA San Andreas, and players have continued to develop mods for the game even 16 years after its launch. It is truly a testament to the staying power and timeless nature of the GTA franchise and San Andreas in particular.

To many in the fanbase, San Andreas presented one of the best virtual playgrounds in the history of gaming that was ripe for modding. Thus, players have been able to create some truly quality mods over the years.

Here we take a look at the best mods for the game in October of 2020.

5 best mods for GTA San Andreas in October 2020

1) V Graphics


Even die-hard fans of GTA San Andreas wouldn't be afraid to admit that the game's visuals haven't aged all that well. Although there is a certain nostalgic charm to CJ's weirdly animated hand gestures and awkward conversations, some players feel the need for enhanced graphics.

Players can find a tonne of graphic mods for GTA San Andreas but very few have been done with the level of polish and attention to detail as the V Graphics mode. This mod essentially paints GTA San Andreas with the same visual brush as GTA V in the hopes of enhancing the graphics to a great degree.

The V Graphics mod brings over the similar vibrant colour pattern of Grand Theft Auto V and adds a lot of visual flair to San Andreas. The game, as a result, feels a bit more immersive due to the graphics not standing in the way.

2) First-Person Mod v3.0


Before GTA V introduced the first-person perspective in the franchise, fans had to make do with mods in previous games. The first-person mod for GTA San Andreas is clearly one of the better ones on the internet and truly lets players immerse themselves in the game.

Given how expansive and freeing the open world of San Andreas is, the first-person mod is a great, new way for players to experience the game. The driving might feel a bit awkward to players at first but they will eventually get the hang of it.

Mods like these truly showcase how massively creative the modding community for GTA really is.

3) Parkour


Parkour has slowly become a mainstay in gaming ever since games like Assassin's Creed and Mirror's Edge helped bring it to the forefront. The GTA series, at best, has had decent traversal, with players spending most of their time in cars, bikes or any of the assortment of vehicles in the game.

However, this particular mod lets players truly experience the full potential of on-foot traversal in GTA San Andreas. Players can now front flip and backflip their way through Los Santos.

There are a tonne of options and moves that the player can use to manoeuvre through rooftops, sidewalks or anywhere fit for a free run.

4) Spider-Man Mod


Before Marvel's Spider-Man came around and won the hearts of fans across the world, players had to make do with San Andrea's version of Spider-Man.

Complete with swinging mechanics and a decent combat system, this was the closest thing to a Spider-Man 2 successor that players had. While the mod hasn't aged all that well, it is still one of the better superhero mods available for GTA San Andreas.

5) Monster Hunter


This mod essentially lets CJ become a Witcher as he gets tasked to hunt down various monsters through Los Santos and neighboring regions. This adds a whole lot of fun to GTA San Andreas.

The monsters are fairly varied and require a substantial amount of preparation to be slain efficiently. While you can always shoot 20 bazooka rounds into a monster and see how it responds to that, players are definitely encouraged to try different methods.

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