How can GTA Online players join friends in a session?

Joining friends in GTA Online is relatively simple (Image via Rockstar Games)
Joining friends in GTA Online is relatively simple (Image via Rockstar Games)
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GTA Online is all about cooperation. There is no worse feeling than losing hours of progress with unhelpful teammates. Players should join their friends for the best possible experience. Whether it's joining friends or inviting them over, all it takes is a few simple clicks.

GTA Online can be rather difficult with random people. Therefore, here is how they can join their friends in other sessions.

Here is how GTA Online players can join sessions with friends

GTA Online is better off with friends (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online is better off with friends (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online players will have to use the pause menu. They should do so in a private area as pausing the game doesn't stop time. Other players can sneak in a kill. Therefore, always go to a safe area, such as inside an apartment.

Inviting friends to a session


Go to the start menu and navigate to the third tab, which will be listed as Friends. It will show all the friends that are currently online. Players who are online will be highlighted in blue alongside their character model. Offline users will simply be grayed out.

GTA Online players can click on their friend's name. They will be given the option to invite them (via Send Game Invite). If they accept, they will make their way to the session. Players should consider using Invite Only Sessions for private gameplay. This will reduce the chance of running into griefers.

Joining friends in another session


It's the same as inviting friends to a session. Go to the pause menu and click on the Friends tab to pick a player. There will be an option to join the game (entitled Join Game). All progress will be saved right before the loading screen.

If a friend is currently on a Job, players can spectate them instead. For example, they can watch an ongoing death match or street race. Once that is finished, the player can join the friend's session.

Playing with friends makes GTA Online much easier


One of the worst aspects of GTA Online is other players. Heists can go horribly wrong if a crew member is uncooperative or incompetent. Entire missions can become a waste of time. This is why GTA Online players should mostly play with their friends. It's conducive for easier communication between crew members.

Players can always check the pause menu to see who is online. Sending invites is worth a shot. This can help reduce potential headaches from poor sportsmanship.

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