How to do Casino Work in GTA Online: 3x bonuses from July 7 to 18

Casino Work is giving 3x bonuses in GTA Online until July 18 (Image via Rockstar Games)
Casino Work is giving 3x bonuses in GTA Online until July 18 (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online has just received a new weekly update that allows players to earn three times the rewards upon completion of Casino Work. The game gives them lots of ways to hustle, with various activities and businesses making it timeless and enjoyable.

Casino Work is a set of Freemode missions introduced with the Diamond Casino & Resort update. Users can earn 3X GTA$ and RP while playing it through July 18.

Not only are these missions fun to grind, but they are also super-profitable, which helps gamers in their hustle.

Make use of Casino Work bonuses in GTA Online (2022)


Freemode acts as a sandbox for GTA Online, which allows players to indulge in different activities with others. Being a part of Freemode missions in the title, they can access it anytime.

Casino Work missions are only available to those who are CEOs/VIPs of organizations or MC Presidents in the title. To start the Casino Work, users need to call Ms. Baker via their phone and ask if she wants to outsource the load she is managing so far.

They must select the "Request Work" option to start the missions. There are 13 Casino Work missions available so far, and every single one can be played solo.

Although no other gamer is necessarily required to start these missions, objective vehicles for the appropriate number of participants may be given if there is more than one player in an organization or motorcycle club.

After completing all 13 missions in GTA Online, Ms. Baker has three secret missions up her sleeve that she discloses to users after specific requirements are met.

Unlike VIP work, other available gamers in a session are not alerted when doing Casino Work missions. Once someone completes one mission, there is a 3-minute cooldown before requesting a new one from Ms. Baker.

List of Casino Work missions in GTA Online (2022)


Here's a complete list of all the Casino Work missions that players can play:

  1. Bargaining Chips
  2. Best laid Plans
  3. Department of defense
  4. Fake News
  5. High Rollin'
  6. Judgment Call
  7. Lost in Transit
  8. One armed Bandits
  9. Recovery Time
  10. Safe Bet
  11. Severance
  12. Undisclosed Cargo
  13. When the chips are down

After completing the above-listed missions, Ms. Baker gives three additional secret missions that can only be started once certain conditions are met. They are:

  1. Damage Control
  2. Under the influence
  3. Tour de Force

Users can repeat the missions through July 18 as much as they want and get rewarded three times more than usual as Ms. Baker feels extra generous.

In conclusion, the new update gives lots of bonuses and discounts to all gamers, which keeps the title fresh and exciting as ever. As fans expect a new DLC or summer update for the game, this is the best time to help Ms. Baker via the Casino Work missions and earn triple rewards in Los Santos.

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