How gameplay in GTA San Andreas is affected by CJ's physique

CJ in GTA San Andreas with different physiques (Image via Sportskeeda)
CJ in GTA San Andreas with different physiques (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA San Andreas is one of the best-selling games in the history of the franchise, and at times it’s one of the most innovative ones.

The game, developed by Rockstar North, was released in October 2004. However, fans love the game to this date because of the unique gameplay it offers as compared to the rest of the series. The game has many elements that are yet to be seen again in the entire GTA series, with one such being the dynamic physique of the protagonist, Carl “CJ” Johnson.

Players can make CJ fat, skinny, or muscular due to eating excessively, eating a standard amount, or neither eating nor exercising. Depending on the physique's status, the stats of the character increase or decrease accordingly. With that being said, let’s learn about all the different builts of CJ’s physique and how it affects the gameplay.

CJ’s physique in GTA San Andreas - Different sizes, effect on gameplay, & more

1) Being fat


CJ can gain a lot of body fat in the game by eating too much food and not exercising at gyms. Too much fat results in obesity, which in turn affects his performance in the game.

Food can be found at Cluckin’ Bell, Well Stacked Pizza Co., and Burger Shot. The meals add either 0-3% to CJ’s body fat in the game.

By becoming overweight, it changes CJ’s appearance and naturally, impacts the physical capabilities of the character as well. Players will not be able to run faster because of the excessive fat which directly impacts the gameplay.

They won’t be able to jump higher compared to the default build of the character. Some of the dialogues will even change accordingly, mostly in relation to his weight.

2) Being skinny


CJ can become completely skinny if he doesn’t eat at all. Players can think of not eating anything to avoid fat built, however, it is not advisable.

Players will start to lose muscle first because of hunger. A warning will be given to the players:

“You are starting to feel hungry and you are starting to lose energy. You need to find something to eat.”

If players still don’t eat anything, they will have no muscle or fat to shed. This impacts the character’s overall health which, by that point, starts to lose as well. If the player still doesn’t eat anything, it eventually kills CJ.

3) Muscular built


Muscle represents CJ’s muscular development in the body. It directly impacts the character’s performance in various elements of GTA San Andreas.

More muscle can enable CJ to bear more damage in melee combat and it helps players to complete certain missions in the game with ease. Muscle also influences the protagonist's respect as well as s*x appeal stats.

Players can increase their muscles by working out at the gym or exercising in-game such as running, swimming, and riding bikes. 50% muscle built alters CJ’s running and walking style. On the other hand, 100% muscle built has a negative impact on the s*x appeal and will prevent players from initiating contact with some of the girlfriends in the game.

GTA San Andreas still holds a special place in the hearts of players all around the globe due to features like these. Fans are probably hoping that Rockstar incorporates some of the elements from San Andreas into the upcoming GTA 6.

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