How to get explosive bullets in GTA Online?

Image via GTAforums
Image via GTAforums
Rahul Bhushan

GTA Online repeatedly makes its point very clear that in order to survive the relentless onslaught in Freemode, players will require major firepower. After a certain point, standard rounds and ammunition start to grow less and less appealing in the Freemode lobby.

That is when players look for more powerful methods to wreak havoc on their enemies in GTA Online. Their search often leads them to explosive rounds, which is essentially one of the dominant forces of power in GTA Online and can obliterate just about anything that stands in its way.

Getting your hands on explosive rounds might require a bit of work, as it involves owning a Bunker and spending considerable amounts of money on research.

Getting explosive bullets in GTA Online


A Bunker is one of the most quintessential properties of GTA Online, given just how many avenues it opens up for the player. In the Bunker, players can divide their staff into focusing on either research or manufacturing.

While manufacturing takes care of the gun-running business, helping players accrue more supplies to sell in GTA Online, research hands them additional firepower. Players can choose to divide their staff into two, but for better results, it is best to focus on either one.

Additionally, players can speed up the process of research by purchasing upgrades for it, which can cost quite a bit of money. Follow the steps given below to get explosive rounds:

  1. Purchase a Bunker
  2. Assign staff to research
  3. Research "Explosive Rounds"
  4. Wait until research is complete
  5. Approach the Weapons Workshop, apply Explosive Rounds to MKII Weapons

Keep in mind that only MKII weapons can be fitted with explosive rounds. MKII weapons do not require any research and can be obtained by upgrading the standard variants of certain weapons in the Weapons Workshop.

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