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How long does a Peyote Plant hallucination last in GTA Online?

Image via Supersonic Blue, YouTube
Image via Supersonic Blue, YouTube
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 22 Feb 2021

The world of GTA Online can be quite an unforgiving place with all the Oppressor MKII's flying about and the Orbital Cannons ready to obliterate. Yet, if one was to look hard enough, they would find ways to introspect, transform, and take on a new form altogether.

Peyote Plants have made their way back into GTA Online this week, and players couldn't be happier. These plants, when consumed, trigger major hallucinations that essentially transform the player into an animal.

There are a total of 76 of these plants spread across the map of GTA Online, and the player can consume one by interacting with it.

After the player has consumed one, they will transform into a land or sea creature until the player either gets killed or ends the hallucination themselves.

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The lasting power of the Peyote Plant hallucination in GTA Online

A Peyote Plant hallucination lasts for as long as the player can manage to stay alive, which should be as challenging as it sounds in GTA Online. However, if the player wants to end the hallucination of their own volition, they can choose to do so with a simple button press.


On PC: Hold down the "Interact" button (E by Default).

On console: Hold down the Right D-Pad button.

This will end the hallucination, and the player will spawn back as their normal self in the nearby hospital and gain 5,000 RP. This is a good way to rank up fast in GTA Online if paired right with other activities.

However, players can only gain 5,000 RP through the plants every 48 minutes. Peyote Plants are only available for limited periods in GTA Online and will disappear once again after this week. This means, if the player wants to know what it's like terrorizing Freemode as Bigfoot, they only have certain days left to do so.

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Published 22 Feb 2021, 10:16 IST
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