How much has Auronplay earned since 2019 via Twitch? Alleged leak reveals GTA 5 streamer's earnings

Auronplay is one of the most popular Spanish-speaking streamers (Image via Movistar eSports)
Auronplay is one of the most popular Spanish-speaking streamers (Image via Movistar eSports)

Raúl Álvarez Genes, aka "Auronplay," is one of the most popular Spanish GTA 5 Twitch streamers, with a following of around 10.4 million people.

The amount of money that Twitch streamers have earned has been leaked in recent reports. With a total of around $3 million over two years, Auronplay appears to have found a place in the top ten.

Twitch Streamers' revenue data leaked: Total earnings for GTA streamer Auronplay since August 2019

The gross payouts of the top 100 highest-paid Twitch streamers from August 2019 until October 2021:

This massive data leak was posted today on 4chan. It reveals the payouts of almost every Twitch streamer. Some have made a comprehensive list of the top 100 highest-paid streamers from August 2019 to the current day.

Auronplay seems to have barely made it to the top 10 rankings, positioned at the 9th spot. His gross earnings for this period amounts to $3,053,341.54. As expected, streamers have been unhappy with this confidential data leak.

Popular GTA streamers like xQc have been demanding an explanation from Twitch. However, as of writing this article, there has been no official statement from Twitch themselves regarding this issue. Panicked users have begun to change their passwords as it seems that the entire website was leaked.

Although the primary focus of the leak seems to be towards streamers, viewers might not be safe either. People make all sorts of payments on the platform, especially in the form of donations. The gross amounts that were leaked do not include donations or any other source of revenue.


Auronplay is renowned for his GTA RP streams on the Spanish-speaking RP server called Marbella Vice. The server itself is as large as NoPixel, as it includes all popular Spanish-speaking GTA streamers around the world.

It was previously reported that Auronplay earns around $90k to $1 million from his YouTube channel alone. His Twitch earnings had been estimated to be around $1 million. The current data seems to match up with these reports, as one of the above-mentioned lists contains the total revenue data of over two years.

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