How to be a police officer in GTA 5 with mods

LSPDFR is not a simple mod but a complex police simulator (Image via SteveTheGamer55, YouTube)
LSPDFR is not a simple mod but a complex police simulator (Image via SteveTheGamer55, YouTube)

Almost every mainline GTA game allows players to assume the role of a cop. During the Vigilante side missions, the protagonists take the law into their own hands and eliminate dangerous criminals. Users can even dress up as the police in some 3D Universe games.

There isn't anything like that in GTA 5. Even though Michael and Trevor can dress up as highway patrol officers, the Vigilante side missions are no longer available. However, gamers can play as cops with a popular mod called LSPDFR, which is much more in-depth than Vigilante missions.

Step-by-step guide to becoming a proper cop in GTA 5

What is LSPDFR?


LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Response) is a fantastic mod for GTA 5 that allows gamers to act as police officers. The mod provides a whole new experience, transforming the game into a police simulator.

As police officers, players may go on high-speed chases, pursue fleeing criminals, or shoot down armed robbers. They may also pick who gets arrested and who gets pardoned. Users have total control over how the law is implemented in LSPDFR.

The police computer is inspired by GTA 4, but it's a lot more detailed, with additional features like arrest warrant calls. Players can customize their looks, clothing, vehicles, and even housing. The most impressive aspect is the AI, which is a lot more advanced than the vanilla game.

How to install LSPDFR?


Here are the necessary steps to get the LSPFR mod in Grand Theft Auto 5 via the automatic installer:

  • The first and obvious step is downloading the mod, found on the official LSPDFR website. The download link is located in the Downloads tab.
  • Players who haven't installed any mods before may need to get the prerequisite apps necessary for LSPDFR to work.
  • Users must download the EXE file for the automatic installer instead of the manual install ZIP file.
  • The on-screen instructions are pretty simple and only require the player to select the game directory. Once done, they are brought to a configuration screen.
  • This simply makes the RAGE plugin compatible with the mod, and the installer also has the option to do it automatically.

Here's what players need to do when starting a playthrough of GTA 5 with this mod for the first time:

  • After installing the mod, they can simply start the game. However, immediately after getting the intro, users have to Alt+Tab to their game directory and launch the RAGEPluginHook.exe.
  • They must hit "Save and Launch" and open the game window again. Gamers can also customize some of the LSPDFR options from this plugin.
  • Once the game is loaded, they can head to their nearest police station (which will now be marked) to start playing as a cop.

Entering the police station and choosing to go on duty will launch a character creator, much like GTA Online. From here, individuals are free to customize their outfits and vehicles and head out to San Andreas as officers of the law.

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