How to purchase and use the Orbital Cannon in GTA Online

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GTA Online is not merely a game. It's a cultural phenomenon, a revolutionary form of escapism, boundless in both its unorthodox nature and creative endeavors.

The beautiful thing about GTA Online is that it doesn't follow the traditional black and white route. The featured protagonists are admittedly dark and selfish but they also care about the people they love, although their way of showing it is often rather diabolical. For instance, CJ brutally kills one poor guy for having the nerve to hit on his sister.

Players can resonate with GTA Online because it explicitly shows the dark side of humanity, holding nothing back. The game doesn't necessarily restrict itself to the stereotypical morals of society. In fact, it often doesn't, and that's the beauty of it. GTA Online is the embodiment of a feeling, an abstract concept, an innate instinct that most people are too terrified to face.

Given the chaotic nature of the game, GTA Online features a number of lethal weapons. From futuristic laser guns to handheld blasters to devastating missile launchers, the game has it all. But nothing quite outclasses the powerful Orbital Cannon when it comes to wreaking havoc in the virtual world.

This article explains how players can get this powerful weapon in GTA Online and how to unleash it upon the enemy.


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To be able to purchase the Orbital Cannon in GTA Online, players will first need to buy a Facility. The Facility is an underground base, added to the game as part of the Doomsday Heist.

The cheapest Facility costs $1,250,000 in GTA Online. The most expensive one is priced at a staggering $2,950,000.

It should be noted that the facility doesn't come equipped with an Orbital Cannon. The player will need to invest an extra $900,000 to add it to the Facility. Moreover, using the Orbital Cannon every time will also take a toll on the player's budget, so it's not really an inexpensive investment.



Once the Orbital Cannon has been installed into the Facility, the player can target anyone or anyone on the GTA Online map. The Cannon is basically a devastating weapon revolving around the earth, which when activated, will blast whatever and whoever is targeted in the span of a few seconds. The manual fire costs $500,000 every time it's used. The automatic aimed fire will cost upwards of $700,000 per shot.

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