How to switch characters in GTA 5 on PS4/Xbox One/PC

(picture credits: GTA boom)
(picture credits: GTA boom)

Rockstar Games have always aimed to innovate the open-world genre with the GTA franchise. Each instalment in the franchise looks more ambitious than the last, and GTA V was perhaps the most pioneering title in the franchise.

Rockstar Games took a huge gamble by giving players not one but three protagonists to play as in GTA V. This decision first puzzled fans as they did not know how seamlessly it was going to play out.

A lot of fans' fear stemmed from the fact that their game experience was muddled by too many menus and frequent Pauses to switch characters.

However, Rockstar's implementation of the Switch mechanic was extremely smooth and did not cause the massive interruption players initially feared.

GTA V allowed players to switch characters on-the-go quite quickly. Here's how you can do it on every platform.

How to switch Characters in GTA V

Character Switch Dial
Character Switch Dial

On PS4/Xbox One

  • Hold the Down Button on the D-Pad to open the character-switch dial.
  • Use the Right Analog stick to choose between the characters.
  • Let go of the Down button when you pick the desired character by simply highlighting it.


  • Hold the Alt button to open the character-switch dial.
  • Use the Directional Keys to choose between characters
  • Let go of the Alt key when you select your desired character

Rockstar Games significantly switched up the gameplay from the previous GTA games by introducing three very different personalities and styles of play.

While all three characters control pretty much the same, their personalities are what sets them apart in a big way. The slight change in their animations- that are unique to each character- is also noteworthy and showcases Rockstar Games' attention to detail once again.

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