How to turn on aim assist in GTA 5

Aiming in GTA 5 is much easier with Aim Assist (Image via Rockstar Games)
Aiming in GTA 5 is much easier with Aim Assist (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA 5 is widely regarded as the easiest game in the GTA franchise to date. Its gameplay mechanics have been adjusted to appeal to a wider audience. As such, it doesn't present much of a challenge to those who aren't looking for one.

Players who use controllers for the game can make the experience easier with the Aim Assist feature. They can even set the amount of assistance they want - partial or full. When using a controller, using partial aim assist is considered perfectly reasonable.

This article explains to players how to turn on Aim Assist in GTA 5.

GTA 5: How to enable Aim Assist in the game


Players should note that Aim Assist is only available for gamepads/controllers. Those using mouse and keyboard controls cannot enable Aim Assist. To turn on Aim Assist in GTA 5, players should follow the steps given below:

  • The first step is to open the Pause Menu.
  • From there, players must go over to Settings > Gamepad
  • They can then toggle Targeting Mode to select the degree of assist they want.

Those who wish to use Aim Assist in GTA Online will only need to do it once in GTA 5 Story Mode. The changes will be reflected when they start a new online session. The game will inform them that they will be put in matchmaking with opponents who using the same settings.

Players with similar skill levels being put together isn't something new in multiplayer games. This is done to ensure that the game remains fair to all. This can be enforced through a player's experience or their difficulty settings, as in this case.

Types of Targeting Modes explained


Here are the types of targeting modes available and their descriptions:

  • Free Aim: Manual aiming without any sort of assist.
  • Free Aim-Assisted: Slightly assisted setting that allows the reticule to move freely but soft-lock to targets.
  • Assisted Aim-Full: This is completely assisted aiming, which is essentially lock-on targeting. This used to be the traditional lock-on system on consoles for the 3D-era games.

GTA players can opt for any of these options to accentuate their gameplay.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul