Is the MOC a smart investment in GTA Online?

Vehicles like the MOC can help players make a lot of money (Image via Rockstar Games)
Vehicles like the MOC can help players make a lot of money (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan

The general assumption in GTA Online would be that the fastest car is always the smarter buy. Yet, players would be better off with something as menacing as the MOC. The game makes absolutely no compromises when it comes to a variety of vehicles, and players can find just about anything they desire.

The choice, then, comes down to whether a vehicle is worth the price tag and whether it can help players achieve their goals within the game. Many fast and expensive cars like the Itali GTO or Pariah might be very appealing, but they won't help make more money apart from races.

This is where high-powered, weaponized semi-trucks like the MOC come in. The vehicle, short for Mobile Operations Center, is an absolute beast. Players will require a Bunker in tandem with the MOC to use it to its full advantage and store it.

Is the MOC an intelligent investment in GTA Online?


The MOC is essentially a fortress on wheels capable of all sorts of cool things. Here's a brief on what exactly makes it one of the most valuable purchases in GTA Online.

Weapons and armor

  1. A powerful front turret with 45 degrees horizontal and vertical rotating angle.
  2. Rear turrets with 120 degrees horizontal and 45 degrees vertical rotating angle.
  3. Canons (optional)

In short, the MOC is packed to the brim with powerful weaponry that easily gives it the advantage over most other vehicles in-game, armored or not. However, what gives the MOC its most considerable edge in GTA Online is its powerful armor.

Both the cab and the trailer are reasonably resistant to all sorts of damage, both gunfire and missiles. Once fully upgraded, the cab can take about 24 RPGs before it explodes, which is monstrous.

Even if, by some miracle, players manage to destroy the MOC, it will return to the Bunker and respawn immediately. Essentially, the MOC is the Terminator of GTA Online, and it simply refuses to lay low.

Weapons workshop and functionality


The weapons workshop allows players to develop MKII weapons, which essentially gives them quite the edge over the rest of the playing field.

Regarding functionality, the MOC can be called near the player's location, regardless of where they are on the map. However, gamers must return it to the Bunker before they can call it to their location.

MOC missions

The MOC by itself is a pretty decent buy in GTA Online, but what solidifies it is the MOC missions that players can access within the trailer. Inside the Command Center, a touchscreen will give players access to eight missions that will unlock Trade Prices on Warstock Cache and Carry vehicles.

To unlock these missions, players must complete a required number of Bunker resupply missions. A total of 14 resupply missions will unlock every single MOC mission in GTA Online.

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