5 best MK2 weapons in GTA Online

MK2 weapons are the epitome of firepower dominance in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
MK2 weapons are the epitome of firepower dominance in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
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GTA Online gives players many opportunities to make the most out of their money and equip themselves with massively powerful weapons.

From weaponized vehicles to driveable fortresses (MOC and Terrorbyte), GTA Online is chock-full of amazing weaponry. However, there exists a class of weaponry reserved for the industrious players in the game, ones who enjoy annihilating enemies at the drop of a hat.

MK2 weapons are the epitome of firepower dominance and the ultimate symbol of power in GTA Online. They are extremely tough to get and also require players to invest a significant amount of money to develop.

Once they are developed, however, the player will have little to no fear when going up against waves upon waves of enemies in GTA Online.

To upgrade weapons to MK2 level in GTA Online, players will need to own a Weapons Workshop inside of the MOC or Avenger.

Which are the best MK2 weapons in GTA Online?

#5 Heavy Revolver MK2


Nothing screams western and outlaw gunslinger more than having a powerful sidearm that can annihilate just about everything that stands in the way.

Admittedly, the Heavy Revolver can be a little hard to use as it can't exactly string multiple shots together. However, if the player is accurate enough, the weapon does its job in one shot only.

Combining the gun with the right kind of ammunition in GTA Online essentially guarantees a one-shot kill, and the sound alone should be enough to make it an easy sell.

The Heavy Revolver can be upgraded in the Weapons Workshop for approximately $99,000 and is one of the cheaper MK2 weapons in GTA Online.

#4 Marksman Rifle MK2


The Marksman Rifle is ideal for those who prefer the singular accuracy of a lone bullet. While players will have to sacrifice the fire rate when using this weapon, the rifle more than makes up for it with its accuracy and sheer power.

The Marksman Rifle MK2 is an absolute beast of a weapon in GTA Online and is deadly accurate at a variety of ranges.

The only catch is the player needs to be quick to the draw and make sure that the enemy doesn't have the drop on them, as the Marksman Rifle isn't exactly the fastest gun around in the game.

#3 Combat MG MK2


If players grew up loving 80s action movies, the Combat MG was probably one of the first weapons they bought in GTA Online. Not only is it a menacing and mean-looking weapon, but it also shoots like one.

The gun seemingly holds an abnormally large amount of bullets and seems to go on for days before it needs a reload. The MK2 variant of the already-powerful Combat MG makes it one of the most devastating weapons in GTA Online.

While it is a little slow to the draw when going up against more nimble and quicker weapons, the Combat MG is a menace when behind cover and well away from the targets.

Having the drop on an enemy with a Combat MG MK2 essentially guarantees victory as using the right ammo type essentially makes this an instant "win" button.

#2 Heavy Sniper MK2


The Heavy Sniper MK2 makes a great case for itself as one of the smartest weapons in GTA Online and is perfect for players who prefer a much stealthier and cautious approach

Players can find themselves a neat little sniper perch and pick off targets using this weapon, guaranteeing themselves a kill with each shot. The Heavy Sniper is a beast of a weapon, capable of putting holes in the toughest of armors.

#1 Special Carbine MK2


The Special Carbine holds a special place in the hearts of GTA Online players. Nearly everyone in the game carries one around as their primary go-to assault rifle.

The MK2 variant of the Special Carbine is an undoubtedly powerful weapon that can rip anything to shreds in the game. With controllable recoil, close shot-grouping and a decently-sized magazine, the Special Carbine MK2 is just about everything one could ask from a weapon in GTA Online.

The Special Carbine MK2 is a must-have for players as it is one of the best utility weapons in the game.

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