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Is the Sultan RS worth buying in GTA Online?

Cars form a crucial part of the GTA Online experience (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Cars form a crucial part of the GTA Online experience (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 07 Apr 2021

It is quite easy to get swept away by just how ridiculous the amount of choice is afforded to players, in terms of vehicles, in GTA Online. From the flashiest European sports cars to drift-friendly JDM cars, there is a good chance that the game caters to all sorts of tastes.

Some prefer the raw power of American muscle, while others appreciate the precise quality of a European supercar. However, when it comes to drifting, there are not a lot of vehicles that can stack up against the Sultan RS.

In terms of how much of a dent this automobile will make in the player's Maze Bank Account in GTA Online, it can be quite a head-scratcher. The Sultan itself is one of the cheapest cars in the game, but upgrading it to the RS variant at Benny's can be quite pricey.

Is the Sultan RS worth buying in GTA Online?

Performance and utility

The Karin Sultan RS is a decent race car, best suited to rallying since that is its original purpose. It has decent stats across the board, but with the correct tuning and customization, the Sultan RS is an absolute drift machine and one of the best cars to learn how to drift on.


The Sultan RS is purely a non-essential purchase in terms of utility since it doesn't have either armor or blisteringly fast top speed or acceleration. Racing enthusiasts can also find faster alternatives in GTA Online.

Thus, the Sultan RS is more of a novelty purchase reserved only for fans of the aesthetic and the driving style of drift-rally cars.


The Sultan (base model) is worth $12,000, and its RS variant is worth $795,000 at Benny's Original Motor Works. To upgrade a Sultan to the RS, gamers can drive the car to Benny's and select the "Upgrade" option.

The Sultan RS shouldn't be a priority purchase for beginners in GTA Online and should only be bought once in the endgame stage. Only after the player has enough business, heists, and side-hustles that churn money by the hour should they purchase it.

Published 07 Apr 2021, 17:08 IST
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