Lester's age: How old is Lester in GTA 5?

(image credits: Eurogamer)
(image credits: Eurogamer)

Rockstar Games, over the years, have maintained a level of consistency that few other studios have been able to. The GTA franchise is truly a testament to how Rockstar have been able to stay relevant but also set the benchmark for other studios in the industry.

The GTA franchise is characterized by its sharp and clever writing. Be it satire or interesting characters, the GTA franchise is chock-full of great writing. The characters in the GTA franchise are sometimes over-the-top caricatures designed specifically for satire.

Meanwhile, others are tropes of the franchise taken to the next levels of ridiculousness. Such is the character of Lester Crest from GTA V. Lester fits snugly into the "genius hacker" role that's present in most Heist movies and games.

How old is Lester in GTA 5?


The character of Lester appears to be around the same age as Michael and Trevor as they have known him since the days when Michael went by the name of Michael Townley.

He was mentioned during the Prologue, and several conversations reveal that he had been working with Michael and Trevor for a long time before Michael's "death".

According to forums and other sources, some suggest Lester might be about 64 years old during the events of the game. Dialogue in GTA V suggest Michael met Lester in 1981, giving players some idea of his age.

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While some fans even assumed his age to be about 30, that doesn't add up exactly, when putting into context the time he met Michael. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Lester is at least in his late 50s during the events of GTA 5.

Apart from his appearance in the Story Mode, Lester also appears in GTA Online, which precedes the events of the Story Mode.

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