MOC missions in GTA Online explained to GTA+ members

MOC missions in GTA Online were originally introduced with the Gunning update (Image via Sportskeeda)
MOC missions in GTA Online were originally introduced with the Gunning update (Image via Sportskeeda)

Every month, GTA Online provides rewards and bonuses to GTA+ members. This month, players can claim many fascinating rewards for free, one of which is the Mobile Operation Center (MOC).

Initially introduced in the Gunning update, the MOC is a vehicle command center in GTA Online that serves as the base of operations. It features a range of modular bays that can be upgraded to a vehicle workshop for customizing weaponized vehicles, a weapons workshop to create new MK II weapon variations, and many more missions.

The MOC also gives access to eight different missions that unlock the discounted price for weaponized and military surpluses sold at Warstock Cache & Carry. These missions are led by Agent 14 and can be played solo or on a team/crew.

To unlock these missions, users first have to complete 14 bunker resupply missions, after which they are good to go for MOC missions to claim thousands of dollars, RP, and JP in each.

This month, bunkers owners can claim the MOC by visiting the Warstock Cache & Carry in-game website, as it is currently free for GTA+ members. With that being said, here are the eight MOC missions in GTA Online that serve as a great source of rewards.

List of MOC missions in GTA Online

1) Severe Weather Patterns


Agent 14 informs gamers that Merryweather is setting up a large-scale operation in Blaine Country, moving supplies by hiring some aircraft. The team needs to follow them with a Dune FAV and attack aircraft while avoiding enemies.

After the destruction of each cargo bob, Agent 14 marks another one and shares the current status of the aircraft. When all cargo bobs crash down, individuals can bring the Dune FAV back to the drop-off location for the delivery and end the mission.

2) Half-track Bully


The team gets instructions to get into a boat and reach the location where Agent 14 inspects the area and then tells players to fetch the half-track while killing the gang members they are trying to interrupt. They need to hack the door of a vehicle through an app before a greater number of enemies arrive.

Users may get into the half-track and drive it down towards the drop-off location in GTA Online. Teamwork can make this mission easy to complete.

3) Exit Strategy


Gamers need to tow one of the three anti-aircraft trailers with an armored SUV to reach the airport, where they need to save some international customers boarding the planes. When the first dignitary boards, a 3-star wanted level is triggered, and FIB comes to invade with some weapons.

Individuals must kill all of them, go to the location of a second dignitary, and save them from the police. After that, they may rescue the last dignitary from the rest of the police and bring back the requirements to the drop-off location in GTA Online.

4) Offshore Assets


Initially, players will have to wait for the arrival of a weaponized vehicle in the water. They may go into the vehicle and head to the location to redeem the sensitive cargo.

Agent 14 checks the area from a drone before invading, where six Dinghies and Choppers are patrolling. After attacking the boat, two users dive down to collect the sunken packages, and the other two look after the enemies.

Upon completing the task, they can take the vehicle back to its location and conclude the mission.

5) Cover Blown


In this mission, gamers enter Hauler Custom and MOC, where one of them drives the truck while the other takes part in the defense mechanism. They have to get a unit of MOC and bring it back to the location.

On the way, individuals learn about the lock-on set up on the truck by the rivals. Hence, the driver has to drive at a safe speed to avoid the vehicle's destruction.

Agent 14 tries to disable the lock-on while players fight against the opponents who follow them. When they reach Elysian Island, the agent informs them that he has successfully disabled the lock-on and the truck can be delivered.

6) Mole Hunt


Users may get into weaponized Tampas and take down the mobile Jammers along with their trucks. There are four targets at different locations that they have to reach and destroy their vehicles.

Afterward, the team gets instructions to meet at a location and head towards the Elysian Island together to kill the rogue agent. When the target dies, gamers have to deliver the vehicle to their site.

7) Data Breach


Players need to head towards the tunnel downtown where they are supposed to steal Oppressor Superbikes as they are storing some crucial data. After reaching the tunnel, many enemies are waiting for them, so users must eliminate them and take the Oppressor to the airport.

Bikes are present according to the number of gamers on the team. When they reach the drop-off location safely, they should help in the delivery of bikes to finish the mission.

8) Work Dispute


This mission connects with the previous one as players exit a cargo plane with the Oppressor bikes they stole from the tunnel. As per Agent 14's instructions, they need to jump off the cargo and head towards two different locations to destroy MOCs while confronting their opponents amid the destruction.

After completing the task, the mission is completed once users deliver the bikes back to their location.

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