Modders bring Marvel's Spider-Man to GTA San Andreas

One of the best superhero mods for GTA San Andreas (Image via YouTube/PrinceY)
One of the best superhero mods for GTA San Andreas (Image via YouTube/PrinceY)

A new mod for GTA San Andreas perfectly recreates the Spider-Man Remastered experience on the classic Rockstar title. The mod isn't just a reskin, but a full-scale conversion mod that doesn't stop at adding superpowers. It is now being showcased as a cheaper alternative to the popular superhero game launched on PC recently.

Although it's incomplete at the moment, players can download and enjoy the beta version from the mod author's website.

GTA San Andreas mod mimics Marvel's Spider-Man with great detail


The Spider-Man mod by J16D for GTA San Andreas is undoubtedly one of the most unique superhero mods out there. The main reason for this is that it is based entirely on another video game - the very successful Marvel's Spider-Man, which was recently ported to PC.

The modder has attempted to recreate almost every major aspect of the superhero game onto GTA San Andreas, without making it look out of place. Everything has been faithfully recreated, with clear designs and animations for each of the features, including the web-slinging, the combat, the suits, and their abilities, as well as the HUD and UI elements.

Combat is the most complex aspect of Marvel's Spider-Man, and the modder has made a surprisingly accurate reproduction of it in a game as old as GTA San Andreas.

What does the mod contain?


The mod contains most of the major spider suits found in Marvel's Spider-Man, along with their unique suit abilities. They're of exceptional texture quality, yet they don't look out of place.

There's a working experience system, and the HUD and main menu reflects that. There's also a weapon wheel system where players can choose one of Spider-Man's many gadgets, much like the original game.

However, the mod would've been incomplete without missions, and it seems that the modder has covered this aspect too. There are base-clearing missions, as well as random crime encounters like high-speed car chases. Players can perch on structures just like Spider-Man, and even web their enemies to the walls.

Some new buildings have also been added, such as the Avengers tower, and some under-construction sites. Players can get the mod from the description in the above video.

Additional notes


Almost every other player who has spent countless hours on the PC version of GTA San Andreas has messed around with mods. There are numerous types of mods, ranging from bug fixes to graphical improvements and minor additions to gameplay overhauls.

Then there are superhero mods, which, when done correctly, can provide an entertaining experience to an open-world game like GTA San Andreas with such limitless possibilities. Mods that incorporate the superpowers of Spider-Man and Superman, or the technological abilities of Batman and Iron Man, are quite sought after.

However, the mod featured in this article is far more detailed than any other superhero mod ever released before. The amount of effort that has gone into it is visible and the execution is mostly flawless. As such, this mod is a definite must-have for fans who wish to experience superpowers in a Grand Theft Auto game.

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