Big Smoke's order from GTA San Andreas recreated using Unreal Engine

GTA: San Andreas reimagined in Unreal Engine. (Image via RockstarGames)
GTA: San Andreas reimagined in Unreal Engine. (Image via RockstarGames)

GTA games have always looked brilliant on high-end consoles and PCs, but that hasn't stopped independent developers from making the franchise look even more beautiful using Unreal Engine 5. It provides a real-time experience that looks astonishingly realistic and well-detailed, thanks to the engine's advanced 3D creation tool.

The first UE project came out in 1998 with follow-ups leading to the release of Unreal Engine 5 in April 2022. There have been a variety of remakes and upscaled videos of GTA games and popular scenes using the Engine's capabilities, giving even old games a fresh and new look.

Popular YouTube channel TeaserPlay always brings out surreal remakes and realistic visuals of cars, and real-world places, recreating old games and even coming out with gaming characters from popular superhero movies.

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GTA: San Andreas has many fan-favorite scenes in the game


TeaserPlay has recreated an iconic scene from GTA: San Andreas to bring it to life in 4K. The version has made full use of Unreal Engine 5's capabilities. By adding Ray Tracing to the mix, the scene has been remade to look even more spectacular, though it's quite a short one.

Big Smoke’s Order scene is an iconic scene, well known to gamers who have played the games in the franchise. Using the full extent of Unreal Engine 5, along with Ray Tracing, the videos have now been released featuring OG characters from the game - CJ, Big Smoke, Ryder, and Sweet.

This is just one of the many recreations of the game by developers showcasing the potential and if this is anything to go by, we can expect the next game in the franchise to look a lot better with enhanced graphics and higher framerates.

Big Smoke's list of orders and follow-up dialogues in the scene are perfectly recreated. They bring out the visuals, lighting, and depth to make it an absolute treat to watch. It's quite a short video, but there's no doubt about the amount of work that has gone into recreating it with near-perfect visuals.

The engine is known for being extremely powerful, helping the most creative videos come to life. Unreal Engine’s realism factor comes with high-resolution textures and high frame rates combined together to help 3D elements look larger than life.

This has only resulted in developers bringing to life the full extent of the Engine to showcase games like never before. Some independent studios have also showcased some recent games this year.

Official studios have already announced upcoming games for this year and 2023, which will include games using Unreal Engine 5 to the max.

Rockstar’s games are one of the most recently recreated games that use Unreal Engine 5. Developers are recreating old and relatively newer games, giving a new lease of life to how the games can look even better.

Some notable remakes include GTA 5's offline campaign world being brought back to life, reimagined in 4K and even higher resolution.


For now, we can look out for more short projects based on GTA games coming out from independent developers showcasing some amazing gameplay.

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