GTA games officially taken off shelves in Russia and Belarus as Take-Two halts all new sales

Take-Two has officially pulled out of Russia and Belarus (Image via Sportskeeda)
Take-Two has officially pulled out of Russia and Belarus (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA fans in Russia and Belarus will be disappointed to learn that Take-Two Interactive has made a final decision regarding the sale of Rockstar Games products in the country. They have decided to follow the example of all major western corporations and pull out of the two countries.

Vice President of Take-Two Interactive Alan Lewis recently explained this to a number of media outlets. This comes after all the games in the Rockstar Games Store were reported as being unavailable in Russia.

Take-Two stops all services in Russia and Belarus, GTA games remain unavailable to purchase

Take-Two Interactive spokesperson Alan Lewis stated that the company has "watched recent events unfold in Ukraine with concern and sadness." Here is what he said in a recent statement to Mashable:

"After significant consideration, last week, we decided to stop new sales, installations, and marketing support across all our labels in Russia and Belarus at this time...”

This means that all 2K and Rockstar Games titles will be unavailable for purchase in Russia and Belarus until Take-Two decides otherwise. Recently, reports came in from Russian gamers that all games in the Rockstar Games Store catalog were shown as being unavailable.

GTA fans soon came up with different speculations on the matter. While most predicted that Take-Two might have pulled out of the country, others guessed that it might have had something to do with banking issues in the country.

This issue is also being faced on Steam since most major Russian banks have been banned from using SWIFT, the messaging system that facilitates bank transactions.

Rockstar is getting ready to release the Expanded and Enhanced Edition of GTA 5 on March 15, and it seems that Russia and Belarus won't be getting this. Several video game companies like Ubisoft, EA, and CD Projekt Red, among others, have already halted all sales and services in Russia and Belarus. Take-Two Interactive is the latest company to follow suit.

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