GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update patch notes: LS Car Meet, new vehicles, membership system and more

The Los Santos Tuners update will be released on July 20, 2021 (image via Reddit)
The Los Santos Tuners update will be released on July 20, 2021 (image via Reddit)

The new GTA Online update is finally here. After months of waiting and speculation, Rockstar has finally released the GTA Online "Summer update", which is called Los Santos Tuners. The update will be released on July 20th on PS4, Xbox One, PC and next-gen consoles with backwards compatibility.

This update includes a ton of new additions. This article will list all the new features added, which were in the update patch notes.

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GTA Online Los Santos Turners patch notes

1) The LS Car Meet

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

A new car meet-up area has been added to GTA Online where players can show off their cars and interact with like-minded gear heads.

The warehouse is free from any police intervention and hostile players, as guns and vehicles with weapon attachments are not allowed. Therefore, players can just hang out and admire each other's rides.

The new meet-up area is located in a warehouse in Cypress Flats.

2) LS Car Meet membership

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

The LS car meet-up area also comes with a membership plan for players who are interested. For $50,000 dollars, players can enjoy special benefits like:

  • Players will have access to a test track that can be used to drive around freely.
  • Access to new Prize Ride challenges, which on completion, will award players with a Prize Ride.
  • A new hostile takeover system is added, in which players can decide the interior style of the meet-up area for a fee of $50,000.
  • A new Reputation system is added, in which players will gain RP for competing in races, using the test track and so on. As the players' RP increase, they will unlock special benefits like new gear, wheel customizations and more.
  • Players can access a merchandise shop and modding area for customizing cars.

3) New vehicles and cars

Image via Rockstar
Image via Rockstar

Here is a list of all the new cars and vehicles added to the update:

  1. Calico GTF - $1,995,000
  2. Dominator GTT - $1,220,000
  3. Euros - $1,800,000
  4. Futo GTX- $1,590,000
  5. Jester RR- $1,970,00-
  6. Remus- $1,370,000
  7. RT3000- $1,715,000
  8. Tailgater S- $1,495,000
  9. Warrener HKR- $1,260,000
  10. ZR350- $1,615,000

4) The Auto Shop

Image via
Image via

A new property called, "Auto Shop", will be added to the game for players to purchase.

The Auto Shop will let players sell custom vehicles and make money.

It will also function as a 10-car garage.

The Auto Shop interiors will be customizable, and players can also add extra equipment like a car lift.

There will be five auto shops available for purchase:

  1. La Mesa Auto Shop - $1,920,000
  2. Burton Auto Shop - $1,830,000
  3. Rancho Auto Shop - $1,750,000
  4. Strawberry Auto Shop - $1,705,000
  5. Mission Row Auto Shop - $1,670,000

5) New races

Image via
Image via

Many new races have been added to GTA Online inside and outside of the LS Car Meet.

The new race types include Head-to-Head, Scramble and Time Trials on the Test Track.

Pursuit Series is a new type of race where players will be chased by the police.

New street races have also been added.

6) New robberies

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

New multi-part robbery missions have been added, which will test players' driving skills.

The eight-part multi-robbery missions will work similar to heists with set-up missions and a big finale. These missions include Fleeca Bank, IAA, Union Depository, a train robbery and more.

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