GTA Online summer update to nerf Oppressor Mk II, more counter-measures to be added

GTA Online is going to get a huge overhaul soon (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online is going to get a huge overhaul soon (Image via Rockstar Games)

Rockstar Games has finally addressed GTA Online's long-awaited summer DLC update, bringing major changes (read nerfs) to the Oppressor Mk II and more.

Fans have long waited to see what the developer brings to the table, including new and fresh experiences. Last year, they got a treat as the company introduced the LS Car Meet and reintroduced the car culture in the game.

After being patient for so long, followers finally got an official statement from Rockstar on July 7 regarding the future of the title.

What do we know about upcoming GTA Online update?


According to Rockstar's official Newswire, a new update is coming to Grand Theft Auto Online for all platforms in just a few short weeks.

One of the things the developer is focusing on this time is the gameplay. They want to refine the gameplay and make it more balanced to provide a more enjoyable experience for all players.

Fans will be thrilled to see their long-requested features in the game, as the update will reduce the effectiveness of homing missiles and the counter-measures available on the Oppressor Mk II. It will be nerfed to provide more balanced gameplay, especially after so many complaints from the community to do the same.

The title will also provide a more convenient way to access snacks and armor. Users will also find a better and more accessible way to launch Sell Missions in Invite Only sessions in the game.

The game will also get some huge improvements when it comes to its overall experience. Fans will be seen earning more than the usual GTA$ payouts for everything available, including activities, missions, heists, businesses, and more.

This will give gamers more freedom to do what they like in the game and get rewarded for their efforts each time they choose to play it.

Apart from all these things, Associates, Bodyguards, and MC Members will see increased payouts, encouraging and rewarding cooperative play. This includes increased GTA$ payout for various activities in-game, including payouts across Adversary Modes, Races, and select Heist Finales.

Rockstar thanked the fans for their unmatched enthusiasm, support, and commitment to their titles. They are committed to once again adding new content to the game, which includes specially curated seasonal events, community challenges, additional bonuses and gifts, and many other surprises.

Lastly, players can expect Rockstar to support the game for many more years and keep the open world of Los Santos as dynamic and unpredictable as ever. With no Grand Theft Auto 6 on the horizon, they can still enjoy GTA Online and get the most out of it.

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