Popular Red Dead Online and GTA Online mod menu shut down by Take-Two

The Ozark mod menu in RDR2 (Image via 148Gaming, YouTube)
The Ozark mod menu in RDR2 (Image via 148Gaming, YouTube)

Take-Two has closed down the Ozark mod menu used in GTA Online and RDR2 Online. Ozark is a paid mod used to gain unfair advantages in both online games.

Hacking has been a major issue in GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. Many players have complained of a lack of anti-cheat protection in these titles. In fact, rampant cheating has forced many users to stop playing these multiplayer titles.

This issue is restricted to PC players as hackers on consoles are pretty rare.

Ozark mod menu used in Red Dead Online and GTA Online taken down by Take-Two


Ozark is a popular mod menu used by hackers in both Red Dead Online and GTA Online. Take-Two recently sent a cease and desist letter to D3skstool, the creator of Ozark, which forced him to take it down.

This is the second mod menu to be shut down by Take-Two this year. Luna Cheats, another mod menu exploited by griefers in GTA Online, received a similar legal notice in January.

Mod menus can grant god-mode to hackers, making them nearly invincible. They can also modify their abilities like speed and jumping, and spawn multiple items and vehicles. These are often used by griefers to harass other gamers and can even cause a server to crash.

Ozark boasted several other features that were exclusive to it. Hackers could use it to join any player's private lobby without an invitation and force others to join theirs. As expected, most users were quite happy with this decision:

Some were less than excited, however, and felt that it ruins the fun in these games:

Ozark wasn't a free mod, which explains why many users have been left disappointed. It costs $25 for a lifetime purchase, and it is unlikely that the resellers would refund the buyers. It can still be used in GTA 5's story mode, but there are better free mod menus for offline play.

It is a generally accepted fact that modding or hacking in an online game is unethical. Besides, it is quite pointless too, since multiplayer games are fun when they're competitive. A mod that grants an unfair advantage in a competitive game would only proceed to bore everyone.

There are still those who beg to differ and would rather use any means available to cheat in online games.

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