Ranking GTA games based on in-game characters

Some of the most memorable characters from the GTA games (Images via GTA Wiki)
Some of the most memorable characters from the GTA games (Images via GTA Wiki)

The GTA franchise has produced some of the most memorable video game characters, some of whom have achieved cult status among fans.

Good side characters can add some much-needed appeal to the main story in a game, and this is where the GTA series has always flourished. There have been several characters in the GTA games who piqued gamer's interest due to their distinct personalities and eccentricities.

These characters have memorable dialog, and some of the missions they provide have also contributed to their fame. Therefore, this article will rank all the GTA games (excluding the 2D Universe) based on the quality of the characters that appear in the games.

GTA games ranked according to the quality of their characters

5) GTA 3

GTA 3 was the first game in the series to have a cohesive plot, supporting characters playing a major role in it. However, since Claude is a silent protagonist, the plot is driven mostly by the other characters.

At its heart, GTA 3 is still a revenge story, and the gritty underworld serves as a backdrop. Characters like Donald Love and the Kasen siblings are noteworthy, but they fall short of the impact that characters from later games have provided.

4) GTA 5

GTA 5 sought to lighten the tone of GTA 4's grim narrative, but the outcome was a somewhat lackluster storyline. The game's side characters are barely noticeable, with the majority of them being either over-the-top or just superfluous.

However, some of them, such as Lamar Davis, are unquestionably more intriguing than the others.

3) GTA Vice City

The colorful cast of personalities in GTA Vice City was one of the major reasons for the game's success. The game was influenced by Miami Vice and Scarface, as seen by the plot and characters modeled on the TV show and movie.

Characters such as Lance Vance and Ken Rosenberg contributed to the game's success, and they have since appeared in subsequent titles.

2) GTA 4

The characters in GTA 4 are much more fleshed-out than in any other GTA game. They all felt like real people, whether it was the irritating but ever-present Roman, the comic relief Brucie, or the partner-in-crime Patrick.

All of these characters had real hopes and motivations, and it worked perfectly in the bleak and realistic atmosphere of GTA 4.

1) GTA San Andreas

In GTA San Andreas, the storyline and the number of characters engaged in it are significantly higher. Big Smoke and Officer Tenpenny are some of the most popular video game characters ever made.

This was because the characters in this game were much more sophisticated than before and had a large impact on the storyline.

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