Ryder from GTA San Andreas: All you need to know

Ryder is an unpredi (Image vis @Real Kev3n)
Ryder is an unpredictable fello (Image vis @Real Kev3n)
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GTA San Andreas players could not help but notice Ryder's appearance, a replica of Eazy E from the notorious group N.W.A. The 90s hip hop group, legendary for their music, with tracks like "Express Yourself," is a vital pop culture feature.

Interestingly, Ryder in GTA San Andreas is played by MC Eiht, a real-life rapper and actor known for his roles in the Menace II Society and Boyz n the Hood. These are some of the iconic films of the decade.

MC Eiht has played Ryder (Image via The Chicago Tribune)
MC Eiht has played Ryder (Image via The Chicago Tribune)

This proves the depth of GTA San Andreas' casting. Developers took the time to flesh out their characters and recruit actors who could do justice to the role. No wonder their work has become connon in the GTA lore.

His friend in GTA San Andreas

Artist's rendition of Ryder (Image via
Artist's rendition of Ryder (Image via

Ryder and CJ were seemingly close. They complete many missions together and always have each other's backs. The players know them to be thick friends, presumably from their Grove Street days. It feels like they grew up together.

Since the start of GTA San Andreas, it has been clear that Ryder is deeply involved in the drug business. He is also an addict, apparent through several cut-scenes like the one in his backyard where he can be found maniacally digging holes in search of his "stuff."

Ryder from GTA San Andreas is one of those characters who are slightly off base. They aren't always predictable and often lash out. Perhaps it is related to his heavy drug use and his hard life as the 'little guy' in the ghetto. He has apparent anxiety associated with his short stature.

When the tables turned

Unfortunately, in GTA San Andreas, Ryder is a lousy friend and became CJ's enemy after siding with Big Smoke during The Green Saber mission. CJ is left with no choice but to kill his old friend.


In this cut-scene before the mission, players see Ryder in cahoots with Big Smoke, the Ballas, and Officer Tenpenny.

CJ's brother set up a meeting for all sub-sects of the Grove Street Families to work things out. But those plans fall apart when Ryder helps Big Smoke. They ambushed the meeting and kicked off a new internal gang war, threatening to destroy Grove Street.

Ryder lived a tough life and left after hurting those closest to him.

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