5 GTA voice actors who perfectly fit their role

Steven Ogg will forever be remembered for his performance in GTA 5 (Image via comicbook)
Steven Ogg will forever be remembered for his performance in GTA 5 (Image via comicbook)
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In the GTA series (and general), the relationship between the voice actors and their roles is an important one.

Voice acting in video games allows for a broader range of emotional responses. Whether a character is happy, sad, or angry, the actors need to play their part. Rockstar Games didn't settle for anything less than a spectacular performance in their GTA series.

These voice actors were tailor-made for their parts. Whether they share a similar profession or have the right voice, these performances are highly memorable.

The GTA casting director did a great job with choosing the voice actors here. As a result, these roles are superbly done.

Five GTA voice actors who were the perfect match for their characters

5) Candy Suxxx (voiced by Jenna Jameson)


One of the most popular adult film actors in the GTA universe is Candy Suxxx. The red-headed beauty is well-known for always wearing her American-inspired bikini, and humorously, her VCPD records suggest Candy never gets cold.

Given her line of work, it was only appropriate for Candy's voice actress to have experience in the field. Jenna Jameson is one of the most famous names within the adult entertainment industry. She does an excellent job with Candy Suxxx, giving her a clueless but well-meaning character.

Rockstar knew what they were doing when they signed Jenna Jameson to do the job, and it's perfectly on-brand for the Grand Theft Auto series. Although her role is relatively small, Candy Suxxx remains a popular fixture in old-school GTA.

4) Ryder (Played by MC Eiht)


Ryder is a certified gangster for the Grove Street Families (at least until he betrays them). Everything about his attitude screams hood culture. Rockstar decided to have someone with real-life experience play their part. Enter one of their frequent music collaborators.

Compton-based rapper MC Eiht voices Ryder in GTA San Andreas, giving the character a much-needed edge. From his street-based vocabulary to his physical mannerisms, it doesn't feel like a fake performance.

Contrast this with Niko Bellic's voice actor Michael Hollick. While Niko is supposed to be Serbian, Hollick is American. While GTA 4 fans praise the performance, it lacks authenticity (especially when the character speaks a different language). Ryder doesn't suffer from this issue with MC Eiht.

3) Auntie Poulet (voiced by Miss Cleo)


GTA Vice City players will remember this elderly Haitian leader. Auntie Poulet is a dangerous threat despite her age, as she manages to brainwash Tommy Vercetti multiple times. Her thick accent and style of speaking make her stand out.

Miss Cleo, whose real name is Youree Dell Harris, once ran a psychic line during her prime years. She does an excellent job in her role. It's somewhat fitting, given both characters perform supernatural acts (supposedly). The matriarch is a motherly figure, yet there is a menace to her.

Unfortunately, the usage of Miss Cleo has resulted in a lawsuit against Rockstar. Auntie Poulet bears striking similarities to her voice actress, so the Psychic Readers Network filed a lawsuit over copyright infringement. The publisher claims the case is without merit.

2) Frank Tenpenny (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson)


Samuel L Jackson was born to play any role he was given. Not once does he give anything less than 110%, whether it's a commercial or a video game. GTA San Andreas brings him on board to voice the main antagonist, Frank Tenpenny, and Jackson absolutely kills it here.

With a deep baritone voice, Tenpenny commands respect. His profanity-laced dialog was given legendary status by Jackson's famous voice. Tenpenny always steals the show in every scene he's involved in.

Jackson might be one of the last big-name actors to play a major role in the series. Nonetheless, he left an unforgettable impression. GTA San Andreas continues to live on with a powerful legacy.

1) Trevor Philips (played by Steven Ogg)


Steven Ogg is a method actor who dives in deeply with his characters. Based on his on-screen chemistry with Michael's voice actor Ned Luke, the latter felt it secured their roles in GTA 5. Steven Ogg is arguably one of the best voice actors in the GTA series, if not the best.

Trevor Philips displays a wide range of emotions. While his outbursts of pure anger are terrifying, he is at his scariest when he isn't yelling. He can send multiple shivers down the backs of players with a soothing yet calming voice.

The famous scene where he trips and falls over a fence was apparently improvised. Rather than stop what they were doing, Steven Ogg and Shawn Fonteno (Franklin's voice actor) worked with what they had. The result was a magical comedy moment.

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