Should players invest in a CEO Office in GTA Online?

Becoming a CEO is one of the best ways to open up new money-making opportunities (Image via Rockstar Games)
Becoming a CEO is one of the best ways to open up new money-making opportunities (Image via Rockstar Games)

If one has spent a considerable amount of time in GTA Online, they would have surely come across other players registering as CEOs or VIPs. The title certainly seems to have a certain amount of allure and appeal, but is it worth it, and what does it do for the player in GTA Online?

In very basic terms, being a CEO or VIP of an Organization allows players to participate in specific exclusive jobs and hire Bodyguards/Associates. Bodyguards/Associates are other players who become part of the Organization and are paid fixed rates to help out with any jobs, including heist setups.

For those looking to complete heist setups in GTA Online and can use some help, Bodyguards/Associates is a great way to get some help. However, there is much more to being a CEO than simply hiring extra protection and a couple of neat services.

Best parts about being a CEO of an Organization in GTA Online

To start with, players will need an Executive Office to become a CEO in GTA Online. There are four offices, all of which are on discount this week in GTA Online. All four offices are virtually identical, with similar services, and the only difference is that of location.

Once players buy an Office and have $1 million in their Maze Bank Account, they will be able to register as CEO in a session through the Interaction Menu through SecuroServ. After which players can hire Associates to get help on jobs.

Here is a list of the best services that a player can call upon once they register as CEO in GTA Online:

Spawn vehicles at a location


One of the most valuable services in the game, as CEO, players can spawn various great vehicles, including the Buzzard (which becomes free upon purchase). This is one of the best aspects of becoming a CEO of an Organization in GTA Online.

Running a Ghost Organization


While this is somewhat looked down upon because it has been used so frequently for griefing, it can be used for good as well. If the player isn't in the mood to deal with griefers and other annoying pests in GTA Online, they can enable Ghost Organization and be off the radar for the rest of the players in the session.

This allows players to do their missions and run their business in peace, perfect for those looking to grind.

Vehicle Sourcing - Import/Export


The Import/Export business is easily one of the best ways to make money in GTA Online. To do so, players will also have to own a Vehicle Warehouse that allows them to source vehicles and complete sell missions to gain a massive load of profit in the game.

The Import/Export business is enough reason for players to get an executive office and become CEO in GTA Online.

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