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Summit1g gets life in prison in GTA RP after a bank heist goes haywire

Summit1g recently faced the consequences of his actions in GTA RP (image via The Gamer)
Summit1g recently faced the consequences of his actions in GTA RP (image via The Gamer)
Danyal Arabi
Modified 03 Apr 2021

In a recent GTA RP stream, Summit1g's bank heist plan went sideways, leading to the former CS:GO professional's incarceration on the server for life.

Convicted of multiple charges in-game, Summit1g's attempt on two GTA RP police officers' lives contributed to him being convicted for over 200 in-game months.

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Summit1g gets arrested in GTA RP, serves life sentence

After meticulously planning a heist and assembling a crew, Summit1g was on his way to pull of one of the biggest crimes NoPixel had seen in a while. After successfully managing to infiltrate the bank, the crew took a hostage to hold the cops off while they emptied the safe.

What Summit1g's crew didn't realize was that their scuba suits gave them away instantly. The Blaine County Sheriff's department pieced the puzzle together and preempted the exit strategy that was going to go down at Humane Labs.

After the crew successfully got into the escape vehicle and made its way to the exfiltration spot, it was greeted by droves of policemen at Humane Labs who were ready for the heist crew.


In a split second reaction, Summit1g opened fire on the cops but failed to take the crew down and got gunned down. The crew then fell like a stack of dominoes and ended up in prison.

Summit1g summed it up like this:

"This is what makes me mad, maybe I f***ed up and shot too early, but how I see it is, we’re going down a hallway with only two sides. Maybe I jumped the gun but man, that was a Counter-Strike pop from me right there."

After copping a guilty plea with the GTA RP authorities and consenting to a full search of his personal belongings, Summit1g had his sentence reduced to around 200 months of in-game time as penance.

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Published 03 Apr 2021, 19:13 IST
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