Take-Two allegedly strikes down yet another GTA 4 mod

GTA makers, Take-Two Interactive have become very protective of their intellectual property since the leaks (Image via Sportskeeda)
Take-Two Interactive have become very protective of their intellectual property since the leaks (Image via Sportskeeda)

In a recent development, the creators of The Definitive Edition GTA mod were served with a DMCA notice. The mod is a compilation of alterations that update Niko's appearance, so he doesn't look dated. The mod's creators assumed that Rockstar Games/Take-Two Interactive had filed a complaint. So far, the companies have yet to acknowledge that they filed a take-down notice.

This development followed a high-profile information hack from Rockstar Games. Since then, the US Department of Justice and several major tech companies have joined the chase in locating the hacker.

Mods are incredibly popular in this game. Given the title's mass appeal, GTA modding community stepped up production and started creating numerous software to improve the gameplay on modern systems. Some of these additives have also made the title look and feel more modern than it is.

GTA 4 is regarded as the best game in the franchise by many in the community. Many reasons have led gamers to arrive at this conclusion. However, the game lost its support and multiplayer features in 2020. That's when it started becoming dated. Hence, mods served a purpose.

GTA 4 fans are rushing to download the Definitive Edition mod compilation

September 18 was a dark day for Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive. These companies experienced significant network hacks that resulted in the loss of crucial data concerning GTA 6. The hacker leaked this information, and Rockstar Games was forced to confirm its authenticity.

Since then, both organizations have been on edge. Many community members believe the DMCA notice against The Definitive Edition mod resulted from the information breach.

The Definitive Edition mod for Grand Theft Auto 4 can only be used on PC. Hence, gamers who still visit Liberty City from time to time are hurriedly downloading the compilation of mods on the internet. Rockstar and Take-Two may block these downloads as well.

However, similar mods made by the same creator for older Grand Theft Auto and other Rockstar titles like Bully and Manhunt are still live. The mod creators believe that most of their GTA 4 work will have to be taken down.

Although leaks have rattled the gaming industry, Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive have rarely held back when serving creators with DMCA notices in the past. Earlier this year, many modders had to take down their creations that enable VR on Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5.

Fans uniting to save original files of the mod

Since news broke about the DMCA notice, GTA fans have flocked to social media platforms like Reddit in hopes of making several copies of the mod and spreading them across the web. Some even suggested leaving a cryptic message for Take-Two and Rockstar.

A user on Reddit by the name of Budikash pointed out something exciting:

"Don't call your mod "Definitive Edition" because that is something that game companies actually use to release products, and with how bullish copywrite law is, you don't want to give them any ammo. If they called it something else entirely, it might not even be on the radar. Calling it "Definitive Edition" basically summons the lawyers."

Since older GTA games like Three, San Andreas, and Vice City have a Definitive Edition, naming a mod the same way is asking for trouble. Many users think that excluding the 'Grand Theft Auto' from the mod's name should be practiced in the future.

With the GTA 6 leaks currently being investigated at length, Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have taken an aggressive stance in removing content from the franchise they deem unfit for reasons best known to them.

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