Things Rockstar Games could borrow from open-world titles for GTA 6

GTA 6 has been highly anticipated since the release of its predecessor nearly 8 years ago (Image via Michael Di Lonardo)
GTA 6 has been highly anticipated since the release of its predecessor nearly 8 years ago (Image via Michael Di Lonardo)
Danyal Arabi

With GTA 5 set to launch on a third generation of consoles, fans are growing tired of playing the same game over and over again, with calls for GTA 6 news to be dropped by Rockstar Games increasing.

With the likelihood of GTA 6 being released on current gen hardware, the possibilities are endless in terms of scale and features. Here are a few things Rockstar can expand on in GTA 6 from other open-world games without changing the fabric of the franchise as fans know it.

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Things GTA 6 can borrow from other open-world titles

Skill trees for GTA 6 Online


Similar to how Cyberpunk 2077 crafted the skill tree mechanic, Rockstar could potentially offer players the chance to develop their characters with a defined role to start off with making it easier to level up attributes that fall under their strengths.

For example, if a player chooses to have an affinity for hacking during character creation, leveling up those stats becomes significantly easier than the rest during gameplay, giving them a much more defined role in a team that could work during heists.

Simulation or Arcade handling model choices


A big talking point for GTA 4 fans when GTA 5 released was the apparent "arcade-ified" handling model that took away the depth and nuances of driving in the game. While fresh players loved GTA 5's handling model, a large portion of the user base lamented the loss of the body roll and physics-heavy handling of GTA 4's vehicles. An elegant solution would be to take inspiration from Mafia's simulation against arcade handling styles.

Fluid movement mechanics


A gem from 2012, Sleeping Dogs was a surprise hit that rose from the ashes of the True Crime franchise's demise. Traversal in the game was highly praised, as protagonist Wei Shen's movement was truly seamless and depended on player timing to vault over railings, slide over car hoods and kick through doors.

While GTA 5 has a rudimentary version of these mechanics, a momentum conserving parkour approach could add a new layer to on-foot interactions, chases and traversal.

GTA within GTA


Taking a cue from Japanese legend SEGA, Rockstar can perform an inception-esque move to allow players access to older franchise entries in the game. Yakuza 6 allows players to access another SEGA title, Virtua Fighter, within the game as part of a video game arcade. In the same fashion, with GTA 3 being under 3 GB for mobile, it wouldn't be too far-fetched for Rockstar to implement a similar feature in GTA 6, with players being able to access another game within GTA 6 itself.

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