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Top 3 things fans can expect from GTA 6

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 07 Apr 2021

At this point, the GTA franchise basically sells itself as one of the biggest brands, not just in gaming but entertainment as a whole. The franchise has always been monumentally successful, but the last game in the series, GTA 5, took things to a whole other level.

Rather than just being a mammoth in the gaming industry, the franchise has grown to become pervasive throughout the entertainment industry. Now, the launch of a new GTA game would be equivalent to the Beatles putting out four new albums.

GTA 6 has a massive amount of hype, and the game is yet to even be confirmed as being in development. But as more information makes its way onto the internet from the Rockstar camp, fans can now make a few educated guesses.

Here, we take a look at some things that fans can expect from Rockstar's magnum opus: GTA 6.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

3 things fans can expect from GTA 6

#1 - Improved AI and NPC behavior


Recent patents by Rockstar Games suggest that the studio will be making some big leaps when it comes to AI and NPC behavior in the game. Rockstar has always been at the forefront when it comes to open-world design, especially with regards to how authentic and life-like the world can feel.

To that end, the patent details far more nuanced behavior from NPCs, from unique quirks to driving styles based on their professions and routines. GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 featured some of the best AI ever seen in video games, with NPCs having proper routines and lives outside of whether the player was around.

These kinds of independent AI systems are what create an authentic open world in Rockstar Games' titles, and something fans can expect from GTA 6.

#2 - A new iteration of the RAGE Engine

With each new game, Rockstar makes some sweeping changes with regards to their tech and their proprietary game engine: RAGE. Short for Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, RAGE is perhaps one of the most advanced game engines ever seen in the AAA space.

Red Dead Redemption 2 featured Rockstar's most polished version of the engine yet. And reports suggest that GTA 5's remaster for next-gen consoles will include the same.

Due to the position that Rockstar currently has in the industry, every studio will be looking at them to innovate and set the benchmark for the rest of the industry.


Rockstar is likely to be making some tweaks and improvements to the RAGE engine and possibly top Red Dead Redemption 2 in terms of complexity.

Taking advantage of next-gen hardware is going to be a priority for Rockstar Games, as GTA 6 is likely to be a huge system-seller for both Xbox and PlayStation.

#3 - New GTA Online

By this point, it won't be pretty bold to assume that GTA Online is here to stay for good since it is one of Rockstar's biggest money-makers. Alongside that, it's also a pretty great game, so that's always a plus.

GTA Online began as a small experiment alongside Grand Theft Auto 4 and will soon transition to a standalone title in the second half of 2021.

With the release of a new mainline GTA title, it is highly likely that Rockstar will choose to iterate upon the version of the game alongside the new title. This probably means a new city and game modes to reflect the tone of the new title.

As heists was the centerpiece of the Story Mode, it also became the lynchpin for Grand Theft Auto Online. Similarly, Rockstar is likely to follow a similar pattern to the new vision for GTA Online.

Published 07 Apr 2021, 15:28 IST
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