Top 5 changes fans would love to see in GTA 6

(Image via Rockstar Games)
(Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan

The GTA fanbase has been incredibly vocal regarding their love for the franchise and the improvements they would like to see. As with any popular gaming franchise, developers must always perform a high-pressure, tight-rope act of implementing changes and improvements with each new installment.

At the cost of perhaps alienating a certain section of the fanbase, developers must continuously tinker with the game's systems and mechanics. With a franchise as massive as GTA, the pressure has increased ten-fold, making each change potentially divisive.

This article dives into the changes that fans would love to see in the highly anticipated sequel to GTA 5.

Changes fans would love to see in GTA 6

1) Customizable protagonist


This is among the most highly-requested changes in the GTA series, as nothing quite like a custom protagonist can add to the immersion. While it does mean some concessions must be made in terms of writing, characterization, and such, if anyone can figure out a balance, Rockstar.

A custom protagonist allows Rockstar to address the lack of female protagonists in the series, which will be a good first step positively. Building one's protagonist from scratch and developing their personality will definitely add a ton of depth to GTA 6.

2) A darker story


Many felt the detour from the series' origins in satire and comedy and into darker territory with GTA 4 was a welcome change of pace. Others felt alienated by the sudden tonal shift, and Rockstar elected to go back to the casual action romp with GTA 5.

Nevertheless, fans have grown quite warm to the idea of a more serious, gritty, and dark story with the next GTA game. While no one suggests that GTA should become the next Red Dead or Max Payne, a change of pace might attract newer fans and help the game have an identity of its own.

3) A non-silent GTA Online protagonist


While the silent protagonist does have a certain sense of charm with how they remain rather stoic to all the craziness around them, it doesn't make much sense realistically. Communicating with other characters is made entirely confusing as the player can somehow organize major Heists without uttering a single word.

Maybe giving the character a voice that the player can pick might help open up many possibilities regarding storytelling in GTA Online.

4) More open-ended missions


GTA has always had a problem with identity, especially regarding the mission structure of the single-player mode. It only takes one look at Online to see just how incredibly satisfying it is for players to develop their own solutions to the problems presented by the game.

Instead of following a dotted line akin to an on-rails game, GTA fans want more freedom to explore the game world, even during missions. This would help blur the gap between the open-world and the closed-off mission sections in the game.

5) A return to the 80s


Ever since 2002's GTA Vice City, fans have wanted nothing more than to drive down Ocean View while listening to classic 80s synth-pop bangers. The 80s is a rather interesting time period, given the art style and aesthetics associated with the time period, as showcased in GTA Vice City.

Not only that, but it is rife with all sorts of political discomfort that the GTA franchise thrives on. While players have an equal appreciation for games set in the modern era within the series, fans would love nothing more than to see Rockstar's take on the 80s again.

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