5 most popular GTA 5 speedrunners in 2021

Image via Hugo One (YouTube)
Image via Hugo One (YouTube)
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GTA 5 is an insanely popular game with a rich community full of excellent speedrunners to follow.

While GTA 5's popularity on YouTube largely stems from GTA Online and GTA RP, that's not to say that there isn't a following for speedrunning. After all, even niche games have sizable followings that speedrunners take advantage of. Speedrunning has gotten more and more popular over the years, so it's no surprise that a popular game like GTA 5 would have its own community.

Speedrunning in GTA 5 still has a long way to go before it becomes more widely beloved, like Super Mario 64 speedrunning. Even older games like GTA San Andreas have been getting some attention. Perhaps a new technique could revitalize the GTA 5 speedrunning community and make these currently popular speedrunners even more noteworthy.

Five of the most popular GTA 5 speedrunners in 2021

#5 - Hugo One


Hugo One plays most of the relevant GTA games, often to his chats' amusement. With over 112K subscribers, he is one of the biggest speedrunners in the GTA community. He isn't ranked higher on this list because he doesn't solely play GTA 5. In fact, he doesn't play it as often as other GTA games.

Still, he has many GTA 5 speedruns for players to enjoy, particularly the Chaos modded ones. It's amusing to see his chat having the potential to vote for terrible and chaotic events to happen to him as he speedruns. As a result, fans of more wacky speedruns should definitely check out Hugo One.

#4 - burhác


burhác might not be as popular as many other major GTA 5 content creators, but his videos are still decently watched to this day. As he is currently in second place in both the "Classic" and "No Missions Skips" categories, fans should expect to see a lot of genuinely good gameplay from his channel. It's worth noting that burhác is also fourth place in the "Mission Skips" category.

Naturally, burhác does more than just these three main categories. Several Trevor videos for players to check out and several other miscellaneous speedruns like The Fleeca Job in GTA Online. It's also worth noting that burhác's channel on YouTube is spelled as "burhac," so players don't need to type in the accent mark to find him.

#3 - FriendlyBaron


Like Hugo One, Friendly Baron doesn't only do GTA 5 speedruns. But he does notably have more GTA 5 videos, by comparison, making him more relevant to fans seeking to find info about GTA 5 speedruns. His channel includes GDQ submissions, new speedrun strats, and other goodies GTA 5 fans can enjoy.

It is worth noting that the majority of his content came out over a year ago. FriendlyBaron has been inactive on YouTube for over a year, with his last Twitch video 10 months ago. Some players might not like his personality, but there aren't many notable GTA 5 speedrunners with a large following.

As a result, even an inactive speedrunner like FriendlyBaron is still worth checking out in 2021.

#2 - Saurus88


As the current record holder for both the "Classic" and "No Mission Skips" categories, Saurus88 is a speedrunner that knows what they are doing in GTA 5. They regularly post videos about various GTA 5 speedruns so that players can get a nice variety of content from this channel alone. Other than the notable world record, Saurus88 also has various other speedrun attempts for players to check out.

Saurus88 was the first person to go under six hours in Classic for GTA 5, and the video has over a million views. There are still improvements to be made, but the current world record stands at 5h 51m 44s. Fans of GTA 5 speedrunning should check out Saurus88, as they currently have a notable lead over the other speedrunners.

#1 - DarkViperAU


In terms of sheer numbers, DarkViperAU is the most prolific GTA 5 speedrunner. He is currently in fifth place in both the "Missions Skips" and "No Missions Skips" categories, whilst also being 14th in the "Classic" category. He stands out from the other GTA 5 speedrunners because he does various GTA 5 speedruns outside of these categories.

For example, DarkViperAU might do a run where he tries to take no damage. With over 670K subscribers, GTA 5 fans can easily find some interesting speedrunning videos on his channel. Of course, there are also some more personal videos, in case the viewer is looking to get to know DarkViperAU more than just as a GTA 5 speedrunner.

DarkViperAU also has a second YouTube channel known as "DarkViperAU Clips." Predictably, the channel is dedicated to several noteworthy clips, often including the funny way s he's failed a speedrun. Likewise, his Twitch channel is also quite active.

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