Top 5 GTA San Andreas mods fans should try out in 2021

GTA San Andreas is still replayable today (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA San Andreas is still replayable today (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 23 Mar 2021

The GTA franchise, perhaps more so than any other in history, has benefitted a ton from the presence of a solid modding community. The modding community has refused to let older games in the series die out due to the release of newer, more advanced titles.

To that end, even games like GTA San Andreas, nearly 17 years old at this point, manage to still be playable. This is mind-boggling, as not too many titles have that level of replayability.

With the help of mods, players can make GTA San Andreas age much better than it has on its own. Here are some mods that might provide players with a reason to replay the game in 2021.

Five best GTA San Andreas mods to try in 2021

#1 - Portal Gun

The Portal Gun might just be one of the most ingenious creations ever in the history of gaming. Valve truly hit it out of the park with this one, and now fans can bring over this iconic piece of weaponry to GTA San Andreas.

Come to think of it, the Portal Gun feels right at home in Los Santos, causing hilarious chaos with its ability to transport objects in a jiffy. Players can use this to drop tanks on unsuspecting enemies or instantly send a car hurtling off a cliff and things of that sort.


The Portal Gun mod is a complete no-brainer for players looking to ramp up the fun in GTA San Andreas.

#2 - First Person Mod

GTA 5 decided to switch things up in a major way when it comes to the gameplay by allowing players to switch to a first-person perspective. This aspect instantly made the game feel that much more visceral, removing the barrier of another character while playing.

It essentially puts players right in the thick of things in the game, making for one heck of an immersive experience. While not everyone's cup of tea, the first-person mod is much appreciated by fans of that game genre, and it fits right in with GTA San Andreas.

#3 - Iron Man


Superheroes have been a significant hit with the modding community as modders have been able to craft some truly spectacular mods over the years. Iron Man seems to be the perfect choice of superhero for mods as his abilities and weaponry make for an extraordinary GTA experience.

Using the Iron Man armor, players can deal out insane amounts of damage while also having a unique travel experience. Modders have even gone to the extent of creating unique HUDs specific to the Iron Man character.

If players feel CJ could do with some more firepower and technology, this is the mod for them in GTA San Andreas.

#4 - FPS Limiter - De-CLEO

One of the many reasons players are no longer able to enjoy GTA San Andreas like they did the first time is because of just how much it has aged. Regardless of how advanced one's PC setup is, the game will run like a title from 2004 would, and that can be a problem for many.


A quick fix to the problem is to use mods such as the FPS Limiter to essentially allow GTA San Andreas to run at high framerates. This mod helps smooth over some of the issues players might have visually, making for a much more visually pleasing experience.

#5 - Memory 2048

This mod essentially helps GTA San Andreas take full advantage of modern GPUs (Image via GameModding)
This mod essentially helps GTA San Andreas take full advantage of modern GPUs (Image via GameModding)

Similar to the mod mentioned above, this essentially lets the game utilize the power of modern GPUs and increase settings such as draw distance. This is extremely useful as the game came out in 2004, when hardware wasn't nearly as advanced as it is today.

As a result, the game cannot fully utilize the power of modern GPUs. This mod essentially helps GTA San Andreas take full advantage of modern GPUs to deliver a far more visually appealing experience.

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Published 23 Mar 2021, 14:50 IST
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