Top 5 theories about why GTA 6 is delayed

GTA 6 is taking far too long to release (Image via ZarGames, DeviantArt)
GTA 6 is taking far too long to release (Image via ZarGames, DeviantArt)

Fans of GTA 6 end up believing any widespread rumors regarding the game. This only goes to show how excited they are for the next title in the renowned series.

GTA 6 has yet to be formally announced by Rockstar, and it's unclear whether they're even working on it. This hasn't prevented enthusiasts from guessing about the game's features and release date.

GTA 5 first came out in 2013, and after eight years, it's getting ported over to yet another console generation. In the meantime, Rockstar has been utterly silent regarding GTA 6.

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GTA 6: Top 5 reasons for the game's postponement

5) It isn't coming out

Is GTA 6 just a pipe dream? (Image via Rainy55, Reddit)
Is GTA 6 just a pipe dream? (Image via Rainy55, Reddit)

Starting with the worst-case scenario, it might be possible that Rockstar has no plans of making GTA 6. Despite regular unconfirmed leaks now and then, Rockstar has yet to make any comment regarding the game.

However, Rockstar Games is known for its secrecy. They keep every major project under wraps, and some vital information about an upcoming game rarely gets out.

4) Development hasn't started yet


Even if Rockstar intends to release GTA 6 at some point, it's possible that they haven't started working on it yet. This is likely untrue, as game developers rarely sit idle when they've already decided to release a game.

3) Crunch time


The allegations of crunch culture were a major source of controversy for Rockstar. It was revealed that employees had to rush through 100-hour work weeks while developing Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rockstar Games quickly became the poster child for the video game industry's toxic workplace culture. Hence, GTA 6 may take longer to release due to Rockstar's desire to avoid such controversies in the future.

2) Lockdown/Chip shortage


The global pandemic triggered a worldwide lockdown, with ramifications in every aspect of life. The gaming industry wasn't spared either, as work was halted and games got delayed.

This has resulted in a global chip shortage. Processors, graphics cards, and consoles have been in short supply, and their prices have been outrageously high. As a result, releasing GTA 6 now would be a poor decision.

1) GTA Online


Many fans believe that GTA 6 will never come out if GTA Online doesn't die out. They claim that it would be pointless for Rockstar to create a new game if the existing ones are still profitable.

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