Top 5 features that have changed in GTA Online since launch

GTA Online (Source: Rockstar Games)
GTA Online (Source: Rockstar Games)
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GTA Online was released on 1 October 2013, the game has changed quite a bit since then. Many aspects of the game have been modified and new features have been added.

Here is a list of the top 5 features that have changed in GTA Online since its launch.

Top 5 changes in GTA Online

5) Money Making methods


Making money in GTA Online used to be simple. With a limited number of missions and jobs, it was very clear how players can accrue wealth in GTA Online. Today the game is extremely vast with multiple ways of reeling in the cash. Notably, some are drastically better than others.

4) Number of Vehicles


GTA Online started with an already large collection of vehicles, but with every major update, that number increased further. Rockstar Games has relentlessly expanded the collection through major updates and drip feed add-ons. Today there are around 700 types of vehicles in GTA Online.

3) Casino


When Rockstar released GTA Online, there was a casino in the game that players couldn't enter or interact with. It was only after the release of Diamond Casino Heist on 12 December 2019 that they were able to enter the casino and use features like the wheel spin.

2) The Map


The map in GTA Online was quite different from what it is today. During the game's initial days, the map sported a greenish beige color.

The new updated one comes in black which makes it more readable. Apart from that, there are many locations in the new map which didn't have a purpose back in the day.

1) Load Time


One of the most important changes made to GTA Online is the load time. When the game was launched, Rockstar had just established the servers and they were not optimized.

Over time, the company took notice of how long players had to wait before getting into a game and worked to quicken the process. Today, the load time is much more bearable.

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