Top 5 vehicles and weapons preferred by griefers in GTA Online in 2021

(Image via Rockstar Games)
(Image via Rockstar Games)

Amongst the litany of issues that players might have with GTA Online in its current state, one of its biggest ones seems to be the presence of griefers.

Colloquially, "griefer" is a term used to describe players who go out of their way to become a nuisance in an online multiplayer game and ruin the experience for others.

Griefers will typically hound lower-level players in GTA Online sessions in Freemode and cause them to lose out on progress. Not just lower-level players, but everyone else in the session is subjected to a level of pettiness that is profoundly dimwitted.

While the Freemode experience essentially encourages and motivates griefer-like behavior in GTA Online, good players tend to maintain a healthy balance. There is a fine line between griefing and competitiveness that often gets blurred.

When trying to spot griefers in a GTA Online session, one needs to be on the lookout and be extremely wary of these vehicles and weapons.

Top 5 vehicles and weapons preferred by griefers in GTA Online in 2021

5) Orbital Cannon


Once the griefer is within the comfort of his Facility, it is hard to spot whether they are in control of the Orbital Cannon. There is very little protection from Orbital Cannon if the player is not aware during the session.

The Orbital Cannon essentially allows its users to reveal all enemy locations on the GTA Online map and fire off a devastating shot that levels everything it comes in contact with.

Players have discovered methods to counter the Orbital Cannon, but they require a significant amount of leg-work.

4) P996 Lazer


The P996 Lazer is an absolute death machine and has all the markings of one. It is straightforward to spot one of these zooming through the Los Santos skyline. Despite its menacing design and all-powerful arsenal of weapons, it is quite vulnerable.

Players can use explosive rounds on their Sniper Rifle to knock this bad boy off the sky and into the dirt. GTA Online might have a ton of overpowered vehicles, but it also arms players with the means to take them down as well.

That sort of balance is at the core of the GTA Online experience as players can always figure out ways to combat griefers and other enemy players.

3) Hydra


The P996 and Hydra are regular choices for the griefer in GTA Online, and it is quite easy to see just why. The Hydra has VTOL capabilities, meaning it can take off vertically from the ground, making it one of the most versatile and accessible aircraft in the game.

It is faster than the P996, which is saying a lot, and can deal out similar levels of havoc. The Hydra also has a similar vulnerability against explosive rounds from Heavy Sniper as well as Homing Missiles.

2) Heavy Sniper MKII


The Heavy Sniper MKII hits harder than just about everything else in GTA Online and is the most superior form of weapon in any session. The slightly sluggish reload times might make it a little less effective, but that doesn't take away from the gun's sheer brutality.

If the griefer manages to find a suitable spot for sniping with the Heavy Sniper MKII, it is near impossible to flush them out or flank them without being absolutely rifled.

Combining this with explosive rounds makes it one of the most devastating weapons in GTA Online, period.

1) Oppressor MKII


For all intents and purposes, the Oppressor MKII is the symbol for griefing in GTA Online and their number 1 choice of vehicle, which is a shame since many players like to use the Oppressor MKII CEO/VIP work and other such activities.

But due to the actions of the griefers, they often get lumped in with them, thus incurring everyone's wrath in a GTA Online session. The Oppressor MKII is easily one of the best vehicles in the game, and it is a shame that its reputation has been dragged through the dirt.

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