What are clubhouses used for in GTA Online?

Heists are always a great way to make money while also enjoying oneself in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Heists are always a great way to make money while also enjoying oneself in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

For those starting out in GTA Online this year, the game can be exceedingly tough to understand, with dozens of icons on the map and incessant phone calls that add to the chaos.

To clear out the noise in GTA Online, players must find a couple of match types that suit them, grind for a while and then save up enough to invest in businesses or do Heists.

Heists are always a great way to make money while also enjoying oneself. GTA Online, however, has the big bucks in its many businesses that offer players a chance to make money on an hourly basis.

These businesses usually require the acquisition of property like an Office or a Hangar. However, the Clubhouse is usually one of the first businesses players own in GTA Online due to its relatively low price and considerable margin of profit.

What are the uses of clubhouses in GTA Online?


Essentially, a Clubhouse is a way for players to start their very own Motorcycle Club or an MC. It serves as the base of operations. An MC usually runs a number of illegal activities and businesses such as a Cocaine Lockup, Document Forgery, and more.

The Clubhouse gives players access to these businesses and allows them to assign roles and positions of leadership to friends and crew in GTA Online. As the president of an MC, certain jobs become available to the player.

Once inside the Clubhouse, players can approach the laptop at the lower levels and invest in a particular business. From there, they can complete missions specific to the business and find a way to make some extra dough on the side while doing other Contact Missions or Heists in GTA Online.

Businesses available within the Clubhouse:

  • Document Forgery Office ($650,000 - $1,235,000)
  • Weed Farm ($715,000 - $1,358,500)
  • Counterfeit Cash Factory ($845,000 - $1,605,000)
  • Methamphetamine Lab ($910,000 - $1,729,000)
  • Cocaine Lockup ($975,000 - $1,852,500)

Complete the Setup

Once the player buys a property, they must travel to the said property and approach the laptop within the building. From there, they can begin setting up their business with a simple setup mission.


Once the setup is done, the businesses will begin producing supplies that get stored in order to be sold later. Players can complete resupply missions to keep the wheels turning or simply buy more supplies (slightly less profitable).

Stealing supplies takes more time but is a sure-shot way of increasing profit margins in a business in GTA Online. However, these missions take place in Freemode, and there is no way to save oneself from being griefed on during a public session in the game.

Selling product

After the players have enough supplies to sell, they must once again approach the laptop inside their property and complete a sell mission. There are two options to pick from: easy and hard.

Harder missions have better payouts but are slightly more challenging than the easy option. GTA Online players usually resort to using an Oppressor MKII or a similarly powerful vehicle to complete these missions.

Clubhouse Contracts


Clubhouse Contracts are missions that players can take on through the Clubhouse in GTA Online. These missions usually have decent payouts:

  • By the Pound: Reward: $25,500 (If two bags are delivered successfully).
  • Cracked: Can be completed Solo (Rewards Cash and RP)
  • Fragile Goods: Reward: $12,500 - $34,000
  • Guns for Hire: Reward: Cash and RP
  • Gunrunning: Reward: Cash and RP
  • Jailbreak: Reward: $22,500
  • Nine-Tenths of the Law: Reward: Cash and RP
  • Outrider: Reward: Cash and RP
  • P.O.W.: Reward: $23,000
  • Torched: Reward: Cash and RP
  • Weapon of Choice: Reward: $18,000 - $21,000

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