What could "Expanded and Enhanced" mean for GTA 5?

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games
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Back during the PS5 Reveal Event, Rockstar dropped a thermonuclear-sized bomb on GTA fans with news of a new game announcement. For the most part, fans had not heard from Rockstar apart from the occasional GTA Online update.

This is why it felt monumental when the Rockstar logo splashed across the screen. Much of the excitement quickly turned to confusion as fans couldn't help but be puzzled at the sight of familiar vistas and the familiar voice of Ned Luke.

Instead of a new game, Rockstar had pulled up to the event with news of GTA 5's "Expanded and Enhanced" edition. After the dust had settled from the initial shockwave of confusion and anger, GTA fans began deconstructing what "Expanded and Enhanced" even meant?

While much of it is still left up to speculation, fans feel that they have a pretty good idea of what GTA and Rockstar mean by expansions and enhancements.

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"Expanded and Enhanced" for GTA 5


The title can easily be broken up into two sections "Expansion" and "Enhancement." The latter is obviously expected since next-gen consoles will provide Rockstar with plenty of opportunities for enhancements. The "Expansion" part of the title is what seems to grab the most attention within the GTA fanbase.

While it could mean a lot of different things, GTA fans would love nothing more than for Rockstar to deliver an Expansion Pack with the likes of GTA 4: Episodes from Liberty City.


After the release of Grand Theft Auto 4, Rockstar delivered an absolute sucker punch of a follow-up with an Expansion Pack for the same. This included two new campaigns set in Liberty City, which were received extremely well by both the fanbase and critics alike.

GTA 5 for PS4/Xbox 360


As fans will remember, 2014 saw the release of GTA 5 for the PS4 and Xbox 360, which was titled the "Enhanced" edition of the game. These enhancements included new vehicles and a new first-person mode among visual improvements across the board.

However, the titling of GTA 5's release on next-gen consoles raises eyebrows since it adds the puzzling "Enhanced" to the title.

So far, Rockstar has avoided beating their own drums and playing around with expectations. This usually amounts to Rockstar refraining from hyperbole such as the "Expanded" edition until the game warrants it.

So the most optimistic of the bunch within the GTA community are hedging their bets on the fact that Rockstar will likely expand upon not just online but also Story Mode.

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