What is the first free car players can get in GTA Online?

Burn some rubber (Image via YouTube @ Xenial Gamer)
Burn some rubber (Image via YouTube @ Xenial Gamer)

Elegy RH8 is the first free car that GTA Online players can claim. Rockstar has kindly granted this sports car to the GTA players for free as a reward for linking their Rockstar Social Club Accounts with their player characters in the game.

Rockstar has always been very good to the GTA Online community, and this free vehicle is just another way of showing its fans how much it cares for them.

This article will discuss how GTA Online players can claim their free Annis Elegy RH8 in the game.

Players love that they can get the Elegy RH8 for free in GTA Online


This high-performance sports vehicle in the GTA universe is modeled on the real-life Nissan GTR and previous Nissan Skyline models. Based on this fact, many players already believe it will be a high-speed car worth owning.

The way the players claim their free Annis Elegy RH8 in GTA Online is by linking their Rockstar Social Club account to their player's tag on their chosen console, whether Xbox, PlayStation, or PC.

Steps to set up Social Club account

If the player has not set up their Social Club account, it can be done simply by visiting the Rockstar Social Club website to register and link the account to the gamer tag.

Before players obtain this free Elegy RH8, it is essential that they already own a garage in which to store their new vehicle.

Players can pull out their phones, go to the internet, and visit the in-game '' website. Once there, sort the cars by the lowest to the highest price, and the free Elegy RH8 will appear at the top of the list. And it's that easy. Pick the color the players like and place your order.


Soon after ordering, the players will receive a vehicle delivery message and will be able to head to their garage to collect their new free sports car.

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