What players should know about the Swing Glitch in GTA 4

Setting up the Swing Glitch is easy (Image via Rockstar Games)
Setting up the Swing Glitch is easy (Image via Rockstar Games)
Alan Sahbegovic

As far as GTA 4 glitches go, there is nothing more iconic than the Swing Glitch. As the name implies, it involves a swingset that one would find in a park.

However, the glitch isn't something a player would expect. It consists of driving a vehicle into that swingset for a few seconds before being propelled up at astonishing speeds.

It's as ridiculous as it sounds, especially in a game as realistic as GTA 4. Pinpointing its discovery is a little complicated, with the first video being posted by EVIL KIMARU back on May 17, 2008. The video can be seen below.

GTA 4's infamous Swing Glitch


The video quality is poor, but it is from 2008, so that shouldn't be surprising. It is an integral part of GTA 4 history, as it also documents that this glitch would be known as "The Swingset Glitch" and "Car Launcher."

The footage also shows how the player could be propelled from one area to another, several blocks away, in only a few seconds.

To do the Swing Glitch, do the following:

  1. Find a vehicle.
  2. Drive it into the swingset (the frame of it).
  3. Wait a few seconds to be sent flying.

This footage is an excellent demonstration of the game's ragdoll physics and how many different vehicles can be affected by something so seemingly trivial. Of course, some readers would prefer a clearer video, with an example below.


The above video shows how players drive against the swingset for a few seconds before being launched several blocks away. The clear quality of the video also lets one see how much vehicle damage can be accrued by the Swing Glitch.

Keep in mind that Niko Bellic can be sent flying out of his vehicle, likely resulting in him taking heavy damage (or dying).

This bug can be used to obtain the Rolled Over achievement, as players can easily roll over five times in a row from a single crash.

All possible locations

The Swing Glitch can be done wherever there's a swing set, such as:

  • Firefly Projects Park
  • The Swingset in Firefly Projects that's the setting for the "Bleed Out" mission
  • Tudor (near the Globe Oil gas station)
  • Northern Gardens, near the Bohan Medical Center
  • Varsity Heights
  • Westdyke

GTA 4 players don't need a specific vehicle to execute the Swing Glitch. They can even use helicopters and motorcycles, although it is far riskier doing it in these two ways.

Some vehicles will be preferable to others for being sent flying (which varies from location to location). It's also worth noting that this bug is present in:

  • GTA 4
  • The Lost and Damned
  • The Ballad of Gay Tony

It's one of the easiest glitches to do in the game, and the sheer ridiculousness of the situation makes it one of the most iconic parts of GTA 4.

Do keep in mind that some locations will be better than others (a.k.a., you might want there to be fewer obstacles obscuring your flight trajectory).

For comprehensive guides and walkthroughs, check out SK GTA Wiki

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