What stocks to invest in during the Assassination Missions in GTA 5

GTA 5's Stock Market (Image via Gosunoob)
GTA 5's Stock Market (Image via Gosunoob)

The way to riches in GTA 5 isn't just thievery. Being a stock market mogul is the way to making some real cash in the game.

Moreover, some properties in the game cannot be purchased with just the money made from "The Big Score". Hence, players looking to get their 100% save game should invest smartly before every assassination mission in GTA 5. Read on to find out where to invest, when to cash out, and more details.

GTA 5 Assassination Mission stock market guide


To access the stock market, players must visit the LCN or BAWSAQ websites from the internet or their cell phones in-game. Stocks bought or sold can be checked from the 'my portfolio' tab.

It is vital to invest in the right company before the assassination is completed and cash out at the correct time after the task, before the market stabilizes and profit is lost.

#1 - The Hotel Assassination

The first mission given to Franklin by Lester tasks him with taking out Brett Lowrey of Bilkinton Research. Before stepping into the marker, GTA 5 players should switch to all characters and invest everything into Betta Pharmaceuticals.

After the mission, they should sell the stocks when the max return reaches 50%.

#2 - The Multi-Target Assassination


The same drill as mission one applies here, as players should invest all three protagonist's money into Debonaire Cigarettes at first. After the return percentage hits 80 per cent, they can then sell all the stocks before reinvesting in Redwood Cigarettes.

This gives GTA 5 players the largest return of 300% where they should cash out.

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#3 - The Vice Assassination


Another target, another investment. This time, players should invest in Fruit (FRT) before the mission. After the return percentage hits 50%, they must sell all the stocks invested and reinvest in Facade (FAC), which tops out at a max return of 33 per cent, at which time, players should sell all the stocks.

#4 - The Bus Assassination


Probably the least convoluted investment plan yet, the bus assassination investment merely requires GTA 5 players to dump their cash into Vapid (VAP), wait till it hits 100 per cent return after the mission and then sell the stocks.

#5 - The Construction Assassination


Another straightforward investment portfolio, invest everything in Gold Coast (GCD) and cash out after the mission gets completed when return percentages are sitting at 80 per cent.

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