Where is the Police Station in GTA 5?

Mission Row Police Station in GTA 5
Mission Row Police Station in GTA 5

The Police play a huge role in the GTA franchise, being the primary force that stops you from raining down chaos on the city they are sworn to protect.

The police have always been a large presence in the game, but GTA 5 was to include an interactable police station in the HD universe.

The police station in Los Santos is featured both in the single-player campaign of the game as well as GTA: Online.

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Where is the Police Station located in GTA 5?

Police Station Location in GTA 5 Map
Police Station Location in GTA 5 Map

The police station is located in Mission Row, Los Santos, and is a three-story building modeled after a real-life police station in Los Angeles.

It is modeled after the real-life LAPD Olympic Station in Los Angeles. It bears a lot of resemblance to the Weazel News Building in Little Seoul in Los Santos.

There are certain activities in and outside the building that will instantly give you a 3-Star Wanted Level, such as:

  • Assaulting a police officer inside or outside the building.
  • Going past the front desk of the reception area in the police station.
  • Flying over the police station will lead to a warning being issued by the Police Dispatch that you're flying over restricted airspace. It will lead to a 3-Star Wanted Level if you ignore the warning.

GTA 5 is perhaps the most authentic GTA experience in all of the franchise, with several real-life elements being transported over to the game.

Little details in the game is what makes GTA 5 a truly masterful feat in game development. For example, police officers will drag injured police offers to safety behind covers if caught in a shootout.

Several such elements can be overlooked by most players, but it makes for a great, authentic experience that you can appreciate.

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