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Which is the best Arena War vehicle in GTA Online in 2021?

(Image via GTA Series Videos, Youtube)
(Image via GTA Series Videos, Youtube)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 21 Mar 2021

The Arena War update for GTA Online introduced the titular Arena Wars in the city, broadcast from the Maze Bank Arena. It brought with it a ton of exciting new vehicles to the game.

Perhaps a nod to the Mad Max style of cars and vehicles, instead of adding new ones to the game, GTA Online introduced new variants of cars that already existed.

As a result, familiar cars were converted into high-octane death machines that could deal out damage and move quickly through the streets. The best part about these vehicles is that they can be used outside of Arena War mode and also in Freemode and Heists.

If players are looking to use an Arena War vehicle outside of the said Arena, it's hard to decide which one they should spend their money on. The answer might differ from person to person, but a couple of vehicles stand out as the clear favorites.

Which is the best Arena War vehicle in GTA Online?

For sheer speed- The Deathbike

The Deathbike has almost become a joke vehicle in GTA Online with just how massively overpowered it is when it comes to Arena Wars. Players unanimously agree that the Deathbike is the only selection that makes sense when it comes to game modes that incentivize speed.

There aren't a lot of vehicles on land in GTA Online that can compete with the Deathbike when it comes to speed. The only drawback to using the Deathbike is the lack of armor on the sides and that the player can be easily knocked out of it.


Chances are, players will be moving too fast to be hit by anything and come away unscathed. If players are in the market for a speedy vehicle with decent firepower, the Deathbike is a good purchase.

For a balanced choice- The ZR380

The ZR380 is a perfectly balanced Arena War vehicle that can be of use in the Arena Wars along with the missions and heists in GTA Online. The car performs decently when looking at top speed and acceleration. It also makes up for any flaws with its superb handling.

The car has a ton of cool weapons like the EMP (Proximity Mines), which can be used to disrupt enemy vehicles in the game. The car also has a Ram Weapon, which can be used to clear up a lot of room and send enemies flying through the air.

Dual machine guns combined with everything else like Spikes and Saw Blades make the ZR380 one of the meanest vehicles in GTA Online.

Published 21 Mar 2021, 18:57 IST
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