Which is the fastest bike in GTA Online in 2021?

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
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Players can often buy cars in GTA Online since they're easily one of the most appealing options, but they will be missing out on a whole range of cool vehicles: bikes.

Rockstar Games leaves absolutely no stone unturned in terms of providing players with a comprehensive experience in terms of vehicles.

The number of vehicles available for purchase in GTA Online is absolutely staggering and is bound to be one of the biggest collections of vehicles in any game ever.

Bikes in GTA Online are some of the best vehicles in the game, given their blisteringly fast acceleration and nimble handling. These vehicles really come in handy when trying to make a quick getaway and maybe even squeeze through tight spaces.

This article sheds light on the fastest bike in GTA Online as of 2021.

The fastest bike in GTA Online in 2021


Given their lighter frame, one would assume that bikes would definitely be faster than cars in GTA Online. This is true to some extent as the bikes on offer in GTA Online tend to be extremely quick and are capable of leaving cars behind in the dust.

Purely based on raw speed and acceleration, the Deathbike is the fastest on paper in GTA Online. However, going fast on the straight isn't a comprehensive metric on what makes a vehicle fast.

Raw speed vs going around a track


What really counts in GTA Online or any racing game is how fast a bike can go around a track. While there is a lot of debate as to which bike is best suited for a race, the overall consensus points to a sort of tie between the Hakuchou and the Bati 801.

Depending on the player's abilities and how fast they can turn a corner, these two bikes can be extremely fast in GTA Online.

While the Deathbike achieves its ludicrously high top speed with the use of a boost, the Hakuchou and the Bati 801 achieve it solely through their powerful engines and aerodynamics.

So if it's a contact mission or heist the player needs a fast bike for, then the Deathbike is a decent option. However, for racing and going around a track, the choice should be between the Bati 801 and the Hakuchou.

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