Which is the fastest sports car in GTA Online in 2021?

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
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If one were to only come to GTA Online solely for the cars, racing, and the sheer variety of interesting race modes, then they would not be disappointed.

One of the core tenets of the GTA franchise has always been a clear focus on delivering a comprehensive gameplay experience regarding vehicles as well.

While the GTA Online experience can, at times, devolve into a haze of gunfire, missiles, and explosions, cars and other vehicles remain a core part of that experience.

Petrolheads and tuners surely love getting their hands on a sports car and customizing that bad boy to become the best version of itself.

However, if the player is interested in buying a car that is quite powerful without upgrades and delivers solid performance, then the Sports class is definitely something to look towards.

The fastest sports car in GTA Online in 2021

Sports cars are a good combination of raw speed combined with nimble handling and competent weight distribution to allow for good cornering.

Going fast on the straight simply shouldn't be the goal, as going around a circuit is what really counts, which is why cars need to be able to maintain speed around corners.

GTA Online has a wide range of cars to pick from, each with its own sets of advantages and faults. However, the consensus seems to point to the Itali GTO as being the best car for racing in the Sports class.


The Itali GTO is exceptionally fast and is able to maintain a lot of grip around hard corners, meaning the player is able to extract way more out of the car. Due to its great-handling, the Itali GTO has blisteringly fast lap times in GTA Online.

When it comes to races, speed isn't the only thing that dictates the outcome of the race, as a lot of it usually boils down to how nimble the car is around corners. While GTA Online's Sports class might have "faster cars" in terms of top speed, few can match the lap times of an Itali GTO.

Top speed

When it comes to top speed, the Ocelot Pariah seems to have an edge on the GTO, but top speed isn't the only factor to be considered. Therefore, if the player needs a sports car and has the money for only one, then the Itali GTO should be the clear choice.

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