GTA Online: 5 fastest sports cars in October 2020 after the Los Santos Summer Special update

(Image Credits: GTA Wiki Fandom)
(Image Credits: GTA Wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan

GTA Online is a constantly evolving experience, and a lot of that game experience boils down to the vehicles as they have been the subject of fascination for the player base.

The Los Santos Summer Special update added a number of cars to GTA Online, much to the delight of players. These are the 5 fastest cars in GTA Online, according to Top Speed (Broughy) in the Sports class.

Note: Arena War cars from GTA Online and cars with boost have not been included on the list.

5 fastest cars in GTA Online after the Los Santos Summer Special update

5) Albany V-STR


The description of the Albany V-STR in GTA Online reads:

"Looking for something wild? Climb inside the fierce V-STR and listen to it growl as it bares that distinctive grill and charges the competition. With this much untamed energy, get ready to lose control. Figuratively, obviously. This high-performance luxury sedan is the jewel in Albany's crown."

Price: $1,285,000

Top Speed (Broughy): 126.25 mph (203.18 km/h)

4) Ocelot Jugular



"You might be wondering, does the world really need another high-caliber sports saloon? But remember, there are some things the human race can never get enough of violence. And this isn't just any violence: the Jugular is really, really gratuitous violence. Has that answered your question?"

Price: $1,225,000

Top Speed (Broughy): 126.50 mph (203.58 km/h)

3) Grotti Itali GTO


The description of the Grotti Itali GTO in GTA Online reads:

"When you think of lightweight redesigns, you probably think of carbon fiber bodywork and stripped-out interiors. But that's just for beginners. Step inside the Itali GTO, and the air you're breathing has increased hydrogen content for extra lift. Grotti have even taken the controversial step of obliging potential owners to do their part by shaving their body hair and removing at least one kidney. Sometimes you have to suffer for perfection."

Price: $1,965,000

Top Speed (Broughy): 127.75 mph (205.59 km/h)

2) Invetero Coquette D10


The description of the Invetero Coquette D10 in GTA Online reads:

"The Classic and Blackfin were the mature cars you loved to ride. Now watch as they turn green and start leaking brake fluid at the sight of Invetero's youngest model. The D10 is a classic pedigree dressed to the nines, spray tanned and injected into the everlasting youth. The age of the cougar is over. The real Coquette has finally arrived."

Price: $1,510,000

Top Speed (Broughy): 130.00 mph (209.21 km/h)

1) Ocelot Pariah


The description of the Ocelot Pariah in GTA Online reads:

"This is not an accessible sports car. It won't rub its avant-garde bodywork in your face and let you grope its dashboard on the first drive. It's dignified, sophisticated - even a little aloof. It will only reveal its charms for just the right handler. But one day, after years of practice, you'll become aware of the utter contempt in which you now hold the rest of the human race, and you'll know you can finally say "I drive a Pariah."

Price: $1,420,000

Top Speed (Broughy): 136.00 mph (218.87 km/h)

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh


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